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    Uneven  Audio in Slide Show in PE 4

    Susan Verner Level 1
      I am working on a slide show in Premiere Elements 4, that has still pictures and a video clip. The still pictures are set to music. I am using three different songs. When I look at the Timeline, it appears that the volume for all three tracks is the same because the yellow line is in the same place (ie. continuous), but on playback one track seems louder than the other two. Adjusting clip volume didn't seem to work. It started out softer, but then got louder as the clip played. Is this because I had an audio transition at the beginning of the clip? Maybe I should take out the transition, adjust the volume and then add the transition back in? But it is still confusing that the timeline shows the volume as being equal.

      Meanwhile, the audio on the video clip is low. I boosted the clip volume to 6 db which seems to be the max, but it would be good to be able to go louder. Is it possible to boost the volume further?

      Thanks so much.