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    PREL 2.0 - Fails to open project

      I've used PREL 2.0 for many projects (30-40) and have not yet had this issue. I created a 1 hour project, burned a "Proof" DVD, closed the project after saving and now that project will not open. There were no errors prior to closing the project.

      Now, I get the message, "Sorry, there has been a serious error, we will attempt to save your project."

      I get the same message with all five of the auto-save files, I do not get this message with any other project, other recent projects open as usual.

      This is a job for a client, I can't imagine doing the work again... it's due tomorrow, there's no time. My best option, unless there's a way to debug the original project file, is to simply duplicate my "proof disk" even though there were some minor tweaks I was planning to make before making final DVDs for the customer.

      If there's no help, that's OK, but it sure would be nice to polish the last few things for my client. Any help is appreciated.

      Thanks, Bryan
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Try launching the program while holding down the left Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys.

          Also, go into Edit/Preferences and clear your Media Cache.

          It's pretty unlikely all auto-saves of your file somehow corrupted at once -- unless there's something more fundamentally wrong with your computer system. A virus. A hard drive that has less than 30 gigs of free, defragmented space. That kind of thing.

          Can you think of any reason?
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            Well, the program launches just fine. It's opening that one project that causes the crash to occur.

            I let the burn happen over night (since it takes forever to render and burn), perhaps the file was corrupted during that time. Then, the auto-saves would save the corrupted file information as it re-saves every 20 minutes even when I'm not working. Since the program was open all night it kept saving even though I wasn't working.

            A virus may be a possibility, however, I created another project the same night and it is not corrupted.

            I do have less than 30 gigs free currently, I always seem to be running low on space... unfortunately freeing up space won't undo the damage done, but it could help prevent future problems if that was the cause. Thanks for the suggestion.