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    Vista x64 support?

    dpick2 Level 1
      Will Elements run on Vista x64? If so, is there a 64bit version?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          There is no 64 bit version of this software. However, many people have been able to run it on 64-bit Vista in 32-bit compatibility mode.
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            Level 1
            Premiere Elements 7 run on vista 64 in emulation mode.
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              Vernon Martin

              I usually do not complain too much,however,I have been a long time user of Adobe products,however,due to a recent bad experiance with FOREIGN support people and their inability to answer a simple question,I will no longer use or purchase Adobe products. For what they charge ,they should be the very first to provide full 64 bit support for all products. I will be using Corel PaintShop Ultimate and Microsoft Office from now on... They work nicely and you do not have some poor foreigner telling you he needs a credit card before he can tell you nothing....BOO on Adobe...

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Sorry about your experiences. However, I'm not sure that they are germane to the OP's question. At least you got it off your chest.


                As for full 64-bit support, even PrPro does not have that yet. It will be coming, but probably not until CS5. Other than Photoshop, I do not think that any Adobe application is a full 64-bit program. To be so, almost the entire code must be completely rewritten. I also doubt that we'll see any more for Vista-64, as they will be for Win7-64.



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                  Vernon Martin Level 1

                  Not a problem.. I was calling support with regards to this same issue and was having some problems with the moxplugins and error of conapi.dll and was quite irratated that as this was my first time to call support,that I was asked to pay for a simple question ,however after much searching and getting past the sales pitchs for PSE 7,I found my solution. At 67 years of age,I don't take to un-fair treatment too well... Thank you for your attempt to boost Adobe,but I stand by my feelings....Best Regards.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    It does seem that Adobe TS has changed over the years. Last time I used it was in about 1998 for an installation issue with Illustrator, and they were quick to solve my issue. Total time was about 5 mins. including Hold. From the stories that I hear now, it is no loner the same.


                    Going back, I used to rate them right behind the original WordPerfect, when they were in Orem, UT, before Novell and of course Corel. Adobe was right up there. Now, I think that most TS departments (except for smaller software and hardware companines) haven't a clue. Your frustration is not an isolated case anymore, unfortunately.


                    If you have not found a solution to your issues (and it does sound like you have), please post separately and list your system's specs., plus your exact problems. Nowadays, it seems that TS's first response is "take it to the fora." Fortunately, in most cases this works. However, with certain problems, and especially with installation errors, the users here might not have a clue. Being users, if we have not experienced something, we cannot share. If we have had a like experience, and either read of a fix, or found it ourselves, we can. Otherwise, we are just guessing. Yes, sometimes those "guesses" do prove helpful, but sometimes we run out of ideas.


                    Let us know if you are still experiencing problems and someone will step up to try and solve it for you.


                    Good luck,



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                      Kodebuster Level 3

                      I've been running PE7 and Vista-64 on a loaded Intel i7Core system for a few months now with no issues.


                      Prior to that, I was running it on a Quad with Vista-32, and I can attest to the fact that V-64 is much better equiped at Memory Management and overall system response times (makes sense with the wide address space capabilities of 64-bit).


                      That being said, there are still some holes to fill with V-64 and a full compliment of 64-bit Drivers and applications written to take avantage of large memory.


                      Other than that, PE7 and V-64 work just fine.


                      You can check this link for additional info:



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                        mattheere.com Level 1

                        For the sake of completeness I'll add that PSE7 runs fine on Windows 7 x64 so far as well.


                        The comments about it not being a "real" (the proper word is native BTW) x64 app are true.  However this does not mean that there aren't still advantages to running on the x64 platform:


                        - PSE7 is really two processes: the organizer and the editor (yes there are others, I'm simplifying to make a point).  In x64 windows, each 32 bit process gets its own memory space.  So, the organizer can have a full 2G of RAM and the editor can have its own full 2G of RAM.  You can still have plenty of RAM left on the system for other tasks and the OS.  This simply wan't possible on a 32 bit OS, so PSE is absolutely more scalable on x64 as is, even without the native x64 images.


                        - Disk I/O on an x64 OS is done with double the path width, so if your disks are fast enough you'll see a noticeable improvement in disk access times.


                        - x64 is in a couple of ways more secure than 32 bit, so the fact that PSE7 runs on x64 is good for the truly paranoid


                        In general I've found running PSE on Win7 x64 to be a fabulous experience (so long as I stay away from the blasted sync engine ! )

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Out of curosity, which build of Win7 are you using, to run PE? The reason for asking is that the reports were very good for Win7 and Adobe NLE programs, until very recently. I do not have the two particular "recent" builds, but about a month ago, users started reporting that with the latest build, at that time, almost everything Adobe NLE-related, PE, PrPro and Encore, had quit. The next build did not fix this, and those programs were still dead-in-the-water. In each of these cases, the then latest builds killed Adobe.


                          Since I am not beta testing Win7, I have to admit that I am not current on which build(s) are involved, and about four weeks have passed.  I have not seen any updates, so the issue(s) might have passed. I only hope that the people, who did (there were about a dozen in several fora) experience the issues reported them to MS to be fixed.


                          Unfortunately, what happens all too often, is someone begins with a beta version of an OS. A particular build breaks something, and in these cases, the users, who do not realize that they are beta testing, complain that Adobe needs to fix something. Well, it does not work that way. In these cases, MS needs to fix something and the only way that they can be made aware of the issues is for the beta testers to file their reports, and then monitor the performance with the later builds.


                          Just trying to put things together for Adobe users, as Win7 will get out of beta soon, and we can only hope that the full release will be solid and will work perfectly with all things Adobe.



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                            mattheere.com Level 1

                            I've been sticking to the builds released by MSFT:


                            Build 7000 - Beta build:  No issues

                            Build 7100 - RC1 build: No issues


                            I have the latest (build 7262, which given the 72xx number has to be the RTM tree) and may give it a go just to see if I have any issues since you've indicated that it's a possibility.  I was avoiding this because:


                            Folks who have the newer builds (myself included) have to be getting them from download torrents.  MSFT is making incredibly minor changes to the various builds, and so the idea that one of them would suddenly break everything Adobe is pretty far fetched, unless Adobe has been leveraging a long standing bug in the OS to enable some product feature.  Much, much more likely that a corrupt or tampered with build was received from a less then trustworthy torrent.


                            So far every PSE or PS.COM issue I've had has been something that other users have reported on released OS versions.  Backup/Sync engine has been particularly maddening!

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              You make a good point about the source of the builds. To date, I have not seen any source stated, when folk report those problems. In their cases, it's usually a case of "build xxxx of Win7 worked fine with Adobe ____, but now build xxxy and xxxz have broken it. I have a deadline and Adobe needs to fix this in a hurry!" Well, other than reporting to MS (if they do have official build releases), there is nothing that Adobe, or any of us can do.


                              My advice to beta testers is to either build a computer specifically for that purpose, or at least do a dual-boot setup. Never trust a paying Project to a beta OS. They all claim that they want to be on the "bleeding edge." I found out decades ago that the blood on that edge might well be mine.


                              Good luck, and please keep reporting. Win7 will be upon us, and in general it's looking good. Those are just the reports from the field, as I'll probably wait until SP-1, and by then will have a new workstation, and maybe CS5 versions of most of my Adobe programs.



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                                Jon E. Helberg

                                Many opinions on this. I have had great difficulty with PSE7 on Vista x64. Go to this website and click on x64 for Microsoft's answer.  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/windows-vista/Details.aspx?type=Software&p= Adobe%20Photoshop%20Elements&v=Adobe&uid=7&pf=0π=0&s=photoshop%20elements%208&os=32-bit

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                                  Kodebuster Level 3

                                  Jon, I went to the Microsoft link you provided, and to be honest, what's stated there is competely useless.


                                  I've been running PE7 on Vista-64 for over a year with absolutely no issues.


                                  If the website is saying it won't run with 64-bit capabilities, then that's true, but PE7 runs just fine under Vista-64 in 32-bit mode.


                                  Don't believe everything your read on the internet...

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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                    I agree with you, Kodebuster. Premiere Elements runs just fine in 32-bit mode on a 64-bit operating system.


                                    The challenge is with Windows 7, whose 64-bit drivers are not yet 32-bit compatible.


                                    64-bit Vista and even Windows XP seem to be able to run Premiere Elements just fine.

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                                      Jon E. Helberg Level 1



                                      I spent the better part of three months online with John Ellis trying to import an organizer from XP to Vista without success. Finally gave up in frustration. Glad you had better luck.



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                                        Jon E. Helberg Level 1



                                        I spent the better part of three months online with John Ellis trying to import an organizer from XP to Vista without success. Finally gave up in frustration. Glad you had better luck.