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    Clip management

      My system is PC, Athlon 64x2 4600, 4GB RAM. Graphics is on motherboard at this point.

      1) When I capture video, it appears in the sceneline, but even after I make clips, I cannot move them to the organizer.

      2) When I attempt to import footage from another project via the get media feature,...necesary components may not have been installed. I get an error message "file format not supported."

      3) I also cannot clear the organizer.

      4) When I try to save a project with save as, it doesn't always change the name.

      Any help appreciated.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          You're asking several questions with several unrelated questions, Jim. But it's hard to answer them without knowing more about how you're doing and how you're doing it. I'm not even sure which version of the software you're using or which operating system or even what kind of camcorder you're getting your footage from.

          Your second question asks about getting media from another project using Get Media. What is this media? Is it video? What format is the video and how did you capture it into your computer?

          Your other questions might be easier to answer if you explained what exactly you're doing and what's not working. For instance, when you say you can't clear the Organizer, what is it you're doing and what's not happening? Are you trying to remove the Organizer, go to a different panel or are you trying to get rid of something that appears in the Organizer even after you've deleted it from your computer's hard drive?
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            Level 1
            First, I have PE 4. I'm capturing HDV from a Vixia HV 30. PC OS is Vista Home Premium.

            Thanks for answering:

            Re capture: That goes fine, video shows up in the View line. But even after trimming, I cannot move clips to the organizer. It did work only once in 5 captures.

            re: Organizer. No matter project I open, the same few clips are in the organizer. I would think the organizer would come up clean each time a different project is opened. I suppose I could try right clicking them and see if there is a delete option. Or are all clips supposed to remain there once the've arrived?

            re: Importing: I would like to import video clips from multiple projects into the current one. Going to 'get media and choosing a project' doesn't work. I wonder if the best thing to do is recapture into an existing project? to get ? Does capture only have to be to a new project, or can you add to an old one?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              So, is your project set up to the proper preset for HDV editing and are you planning to create a BluRay disk? And are you capturing your HDV over FireWire?

              And are your drives formatted NTFS?
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                These are some of the things you need to keep in mind:
                1. You should have created an HDV project to capture using your HDV camcorder
                2. Organizer is really not dependednt on a project. Its a repositery of all the clips on your computer (more technical terminology would be a catalog). This is why only certain clips show up in your Organizer every time you create a new project. Use "Show All" to show all the clips present in the Organizer
                3. you can capture in an existing project. Also you should not try to import the project in another project, that is not supported in Premiere Elements. You should try importing clips which are used in the project and that will work for you.