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    japanese screen

      when I transfer movies from a my camera i sometimes get a yellow screen with Japanese characters on it and not my movie. this is the only thing downloaded. sometimes if I save the movie to my desktop and the transfer from there it works fine

      any ideas
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I've not seen
          i "yellow screen with Japanese characters,"
          but have seen a red screen with multiple languages, the Oriental lines being the more prominent. This indicates media that is Offline, and unavailable to Premiere for some reason.

          In that case, one usually has to Rt-click on the media in the Project Panel and choose Relink Media. Some navigation is often required to find the media. In cases where multiple Clips are/go Offline, Premiere will *often* do a group Relinking, if all media is in the same folder.

          Media can be/go Offline for many reasons:
          The XML link between the Project and the media gets broken
          The files are Moved
          The files are Renamed
          The folders are Renamed
          The files have deliberately been placed Offline
          Other... ?

          Not sure if any of this pertains to your case though.

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            Level 1
            Yes Cal I think you are referring to Media Offline message. This happens when your camera gets disconnected or you change tjhe location of the media being used in a project, on the system. Mostly this iwll get corrected on its own or you may need to point PE to the new location of the media.
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              rawatts Level 1
              I have seen something similar with Adobe Encore. I don't know the answer but it seems if I attempt to play the timeline after a few tries it goes away.

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                When the yellow screen appears it means the footage is pending.
                A little patients for the footage to be indexed and conformed.