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    Rearranging workspace in PRE7

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      As described on page 7 of the booklet, I tried to drop a panel in the so called dropzone. I knew that already from version 3.
      However nothing happens, the drop zones don't open and consequently a panel cannot be dropped to dock.
      Am I overlooking a simple hint?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I'm not quite sure what you're saying, Rob.

          Are you talking about re-arranging panels in the workspace or about using the "drop zones" on DVD menu templates?

          If the former, what panel are you trying to drop where? (Note that you can't undock or move the Tasks panel in version 7.)
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            Chapter 2 Workspace says "dropzones are areas in the workspace onto you can drop or move panels".
            I tried to incorporate the infopanel and history panel in my workspace.
            Just the standard workspace during editing. I don't see the outlined areas as described and as in version 3.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Sorry, I don't know the book you're quoting so I can't help you there. I've also never seen drop zones as I've rearranged the interface -- but maybe I'm calling them something else.

              But, basically, you can move the panels around two ways:

              1) By dragging the borders between the panels, you can reshape and resize them.

              2) If you go to the Window drop-down and select Show Docking Headers, the docking headers will appear at the tops of each panel. Then you can drag the panels by these headers to undock them (except the Tasks panel) from the main interface and place each wherever you want in your monitor or dual-monitor desktop.
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                Thanks anyway. The book I was referring to is the book shipped with the bundle I received from Adobe. I'm now going to bed and tomorrow I've diffent things to do. Wednesday I go further with my PRE7 trials.
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  (Of course, there's always my book on Premiere Elements 7. It's much easier to understand! ;) )
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                    FGx Level 1
                    Do - Window/Show docking headers
                    - Window/Info

                    Now you will have a separate ("floating") Info panel.
                    Ctrl-drag (the header of) this panel over another panel.
                    Now drop zones will appear along the edges of this other panel.

                    As per:
                    Help/Workspace/About the workspace/Customizing the workspace/Dock panels.

                    Works well. This way I nested Info, Events and History into a single panel. Drop zones will appear on panels of the main interface, but also on any floating panel.
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                      Use 'CTRL' Key while dropping .. It should work.
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                        Ozpeter Level 1
                        As far as I can see, there's no way to save different workspaces in Premiere Elements (any version).

                        I can see how I could write a little program to make it happen, however. Would that be considered useful?

                        Meanwhile, it can be done manually -

                        C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere Elements\7.0\Layouts is where the current layout is stored, under the name "Editing.layout". (You need to have "view hidden files" set to see it). Exit from PE7, copy that file and name the copy "mylayout.layout" - or whatever - in the same directory. Any time you want to get that layout back (having for instance restored the default one), exit the program, delete "Editing.layout", copy "mylayout.layout", and name the copy to "Editing.layout". Restart PE7 and there's you personal layout back. You could extend that simple technique to provide a variety of different layouts from which to choose. The program I could write would simply do all that for you through a friendly interface.
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                          rawatts Level 1
                          Sounds good to me.

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                            The Ctrl key of course, I should have known better.
                            Perhaps the authors of the "manual" were a little tired during writing.
                            I'll write down (and carry out) the manual version of your trick and keep the file in my projects folder (In case of image restores). My hobby remains video editing...