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    Steve Ihave a question about your book.

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      What do you cover in your book?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Here's what I wrote for the book jacket:

          Making great movies from your home videos on your personal
          computer has never been easier, or more fun, thanks to programs
          like Premiere Elements.

          Steve Grisetti, host of Adobes Premiere Elements user-to-user
          forum and founding member of videomaker support site
          Muvipix.com, shows you all the tools in the newest version of
          Adobes popular video editing software and how to use them to
          create movies that are as much fun to make as they are to watch.

          Hell show you:
          How to capture videos that take the best advantage of the
          programs design
          How to add effects and transitions and then customize them
          The advantages, and limitations, of working in sceneline mode
          How to make the most of multi-track timeline editing
          The wealth of tools available in not-so-obvious places
          The magic of keyframing, Premiere Elements most versatile
          and powerful tool
          How to use the tools in Premiere Elements to create and
          customize great-looking menus for your DVDs and BluRay discs

          For several years, Steve has served as a trusted source for those
          wanting to learn, and a guide to those challenged by Premiere
          Elements. Hes authored and maintained over 160 Frequently
          Asked Questions articles for the Adobe peer-to-peer forum, and
          hes a regular presence at Muvipix.com, a site he co-founded as a
          community for amateur and semi-professional videomakers and
          to which he frequently contributes his helpful Steves Tips articles.
          He is the co-author (with fellow Muvipix founder Chuck Engels) of
          Premiere Elements 2 In a Snap.
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            FGx Level 1
            Just figured out (my local bookstore told me so) that (in Europe, at least in The Netherlands) your book cannot be ordered through the ordinary channels.
            Seems I have to buy at Amazon; or at another site?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Sorry, Felix. Because it's a specialized product, it's only available through Amazon and the Muvipix book store: