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    track matte madness

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      Using Premiere Elements 4

      I've been using premiere for around 8 years, and I thought I had the track matte stuff down, but I'm tearing my hair out with Elements 4.

      Sometimes the track matte works, sometimes it doesn't. I've checked the manual, the on-line help, CIB, I've double-checked everything on the timeline--but sometimes it just won't work.

      Today I had a class of 5 students, all making a track matte. I was standing right behind all of them and guiding them through the process. It worked for 3 students, not for 2. Again we double-checked everything. Nothing was set up differently on the ones that did work compared to those that didn't.

      After dinner I tried the 2 computers that didn't work this morning. One worked right away, the other still won't do the matte. Here is how they are all set up:

      Video 3: Matte (black and white graphic)
      Video 2: video with track matte applied--pointing to Video 3, luma)
      Video 1: background

      Today we were using luma mattes from Digital Juice. I also tried making masks from the Titler from within Premiere, but those wouldn't work either. We tried going between Luma and Alpha, reverse, etc., etc., nothing would get it to work on these 2 (now 1) machine.

      This isn't the first time this has happened. I can't remember a day that we worked on these that everyone got it to work. (On the one remaining computer that won't work, the thumbnail in the task pane DOES show the video on track 2 correctly, but the rest of the thumbnail shows black--not the background video.)

      Is there some other setting someplace that might be turned on/off on the computers that aren't showing the track matte?