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    How to load and save custom workspaces in PE7

    Ozpeter Level 1
      I've written a little utility which allows PE7 users to load and save custom workspaces. It's attached to post #1 of this thread.

      System requirements

      The utility has been tested with Windows XP Pro SP3 only. It might or might not run under Vista. It will only work with PE7 installations where the executable files are in the default places.


      When you have downloaded the utility (it's only 199KB) you can run it from any convenient place in your system - it doesn't need to be installed as such.


      It's pretty self-explanatory in use but here's the manual!

      Run the downloaded utility "PE7WS.exe".

      A file selection dialog appears. Choose the workspace layout file you wish to use. "LastUsed.layout" is the last used workspace (that's all you will be offered the first time you run the program). If you press Cancel at this point, the program will exit and nothing will happen.

      Once you have selected the workspace, click "Open" and Premiere Elements 7 will run, using the workspace layout you chose.

      After you exit from Premiere Elements 7, a workspace layout file save dialog will appear. If you made changes to the workspace during your Premiere Elements 7 session, you can now give the revised workspace a name and save it. Do not save the workspace in a different directory from that which the dialog offers!

      If you have changed an existing custom workspace, and you want to update the version previously stored, just select the name and over-write the saved workspace layout with the new one.

      If you don't want to save the workspace at all, just click "Cancel" - next time you run Premiere Elements, you can choose the "LastUsed.layout" workspace to use that last used unsaved workspace in any event.

      If you use the PE7WS utility to run Premiere Elements 7, and then you use the menu option "Window > Restore Workspace", then exit, you can either cancel the workspace saving stage, (which will mean that "LastUsed.layout" will contain that default workspace), or you could give that default workspace a name like "PE7 Default" so you can start a future Premiere Elements 7 session with the default workspace, even though you last used a custom workspace.

      If you run Premiere Elements 7 in the usual way without using PE7WS.exe, the workspace that appears will be the last used one.

      The usual disclaimer...

      The utility should be entirely safe in use, but I can't accept responsibility for any loss or damage it might cause. However, the only file manipulation is does is to workspace files in the directory that Premiere Elements 7 uses purely for the purpose - the utility doesn't go anywhere near your precious project files.