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    Import is not accessible

      I have a Sony Handycam DCR-PC109 connected to my PC with a USB cable. The PC is running Windows XP. The camcorder is set to Streaming and the video is playing on the camera's display screen. In Premiere Elements 3 I click on Capture and Import not accessible. What did I do wrong?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          You can not capture from that camcorder into Premiere Elements over USB.

          If you attached it to your computer via FireWire, it will work just fine.
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            I don't believe my new notebooks don't have a firewire port. What a bumer.
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              Ozpeter Level 1
              You should be able to add a firewire card into the card slot - if it's got one!
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As Ozpeter says, if you have either a PICMCA or ExpressCard slot on your laptop, you can purchase a FireWire (IEEE-1394) card to fit that. Your local computer shop should have versions that will work. The only possible concern would be the BIOS of your computer - can it accommodate a FireWire connection? Most can, if the unit is no more than 5 years old. I would also be surprised if a newer unit did not have a FireWire connection. Note: this might be referred to as an "iLink," a "FireWire," or an "IEEE1394" conncetion. You might want to check the "manual," which is usually a PDF file on the restore disc, that should have come with your laptop, any printed manual or on the mfgr's Web site.

                If you cannot find a card locally, I have had good service with www.firewiredirect.com. I've purchased a half-dozen different cards from them, and they are quick and have fair prices. Do a little homework, prior to ordering on-line, to make sure that you get the exact card you need, as there are a few different "form factors," with regards to these cards. Some will work in other connections, but many need exactly what they are designed for - check this out carefully and be sure to get the right one.

                Also, if you do source locally, you might have the option for the tech folk in the store to set it up for you. Usually, it is just plug-it-in and go, but your BIOS might need to be updated, i.e. "flashed," or utilities might need to be installed. If you are not comfortable doing either, then it can be handy to have a "geek" do it for you.

                One little warning: these card connections are not all that sturdy. When the card is installed, be careful when moving the laptop. I always remove the card, once the unit is shut down. Also, with ExpressCard slots, these are usually spring-loaded interconnects. Be carefuly, when plugging in the cable, that you do not push the card too far in, as it will then release and pop-out. You might not realize this, and wonder why your new card doesn't seem to work. Last, there are a couple of different FireWire connectors. Check out your camera, and your cable. You can either try to match up the connector to the FireWire card's connectors, or just buy a new cable with the appropriate connectors. Check your camera's manual for the connector needed for it, and then the FireWire card. In my cable box, I think I have at least a half-dozen of every possible combo of connectores, especially as most of my FW stuff now offers IEEE-1394b (FireWire 800). Heck, you can never have too many cables, right?

                Good luck,

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                  Thank you for a very thoughtful reply.

                  I discovered my notebook does have a Fireware port. I bought a FW cable and transferred video from my Sony to Adobe Premiere.

                  I noticed there are 4 Tutorials on how to us Premiere Elements available on the Web. I find tutorials are a good way to learn about the user interface, but once under way questions arise. I hope you will be standing by.

                  Thank you again for your help.
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                    Oops, I found my notebook does have a Firewire port.
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      You might want to look at www.muvipix.com. There are quite a few tutorials there, plus many articles from Steve Grisetti & Chuck Engles on how PE works.

                      Good luck,