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    Couple of Question PE7 for Steve Grisette

      Got your new book a couple a days ago and have read it avidly - learnt a few things about PE4 in the process too! Not installed PE7 as yet - always try to get the lowdown prior to being that bold.

      A couple of questions though - if I might.

      On page 26/27 you suggest that PE7 can split the content by "split scenes"i.e. when the camcorder is stopped and started - does this hold true for HD too?. I dont seem to be able to in PE4 but the utility you recommend called HDVSplit does do it (I've tried and its good).

      Is there any advantage to splitting the work up - as I sometimes find in PE4 that my sound and video get out of sync and splitting them on import would seem a good way of overcoming this?

      You mention getting holdof ones HD video and converting it to DV-AVI but I cant quite figure out the best way. I've looked at MPEGStreamclip that you recommend but its not too happy with Quicktime unless one buys the AppleMPEG converter $15. Might I ask the best way to do the conversion if one is using HD video?

      Thanks for a good book - I really needed one for PE4 as when teaching oneself one has a fool as a teacher.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Hi, Andy! Thanks for being such an "avid" reader!

          You should be able to split any streaming video by content. So, if by HD you mean HDV (hi-def video) and not HD (hard drive camcorder), then yes you should be able to.

          You can split it by content as you're capturing or, after captured, you can right-click on the video in the Project Media panel and split it by content after the fact.

          On the other hand, since you're asking about converting, I'm wondering if you are talking about hi-def video -- since you can work with HDV files natively in versions 4 or 7.
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            Yes I was meaning High Definition video. I am interested in your thoughts on the "best" way of converting HiDef video into DV-AVI as your book etc. implies that this is a better approach than just reading the video in from tape straight into PE.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              That's on page 28, Andy! ;)

              Every HDV camcorder has the ability to "downsample" its output, and you can capture the DV output over FireWire as DV-AVIs, just as if it's coming from a miniDV camcorder. (Though the quality is usually much better than miniDV. Usually broadcast quality DV!)