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    PE4 - Removing animated text

      How can I remove animated text from a still image? I have not rendered or in another way finalized the text. When I click on the still image and play it until the text shows, it does not allow me to edit the text itself. I can see I have text on the image by the small frame showing in the upper right corner of the image when in the sceneline mode, but it doesn't allow me to edit it.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Are you in sceneline mode?

          Switch to timeline mode and you should be able to locate the title, which will appear as a clip on an upper video track. Double-click on it to edit it and remove the animation.
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            In timeline mode, I can see the still image, but not the text that is animated on it. I guess I used the wrong terminology earlier...title vs. text. It is an animated text on a still image. Any other suggestions?
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I am a bit lost with regards to what you have, and what you want to do.

              In the Timeline, where is the "text?" I would have assumed that this was on a Title, but now I'm not so sure.

              If your text is on a Title (and assuming that it is on a Video Track above the main Video Clip), you can either Delete it, or dbl-click on it, to open the Titler. There, with the Selection Tool, you can choose the entire Text and remove it, or use the Text Tool to swipe across it, and then change it.

              Now, considering the above posts, I'm not sure that your "text" is on a Title.

              Please let us know a little more about what you have, how it appears on your Timeline, and exactly what you want to do.


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                Thanks for your help. I ended up deleting the still image and its properties and reinserting the still image. I'm not sure why it didn't show up as a title, but it didn't. It now shows up as a title and is able to be edited.

                Are the animations with titles preset or can you edit them to control the length and speed? The only way I can edit them is by having them show in the window and guess on how long they should be through a hit and miss of editing?
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                  Title will come as an overlay, in timeline you will need to scroll up and then double clikc the title track. alternately you can double click title on the montor and it becomes editable.
                  By default the title is of 5 seconds duration, to change the time, you will need to drag the title clip on timeline. The animation applied is for 5 seconds duration, so if you incraese the duration of title to 10 seconds, it would animate at half the speed.