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    Changing aspect ratio when exporting

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      I want to chamg the aspect ratio to 16:9. How do you do this in PRL 7?
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          How can I change the screen ratio to 16:9 in PRM7?
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            What do you want to change?
            - The original material as recorded by your camera?
            - Or a 4:3 project you are already working on in PE?

            When you start a new PE project, you should specify the format: 4:3 or 16:9 (widescreen).
            You cannot change these project settings inbetween. As a workaround: save your video on the timeline as an .avi; start a new project with the required different settings and import this .avi in the new project.

            You can input 4:3 footage in 16:9 projects and vice versa, but PE will then crop the image or add black lines to it.

            Also you can share (export) a 4:3 project as a 16:9 movie and vice versa, but the same will happen.

            Easiest to start with:
            Open a new project and select 16:9 settings.
            Import 16:9 clips from your camera or whatever source.
            If you import 4:3 clips/pictures: enlarge en position these on the timeline so that the enlarged picture will fill the entire 16:9 screen.
            Hope this helps a bit.