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    Video truncates on import

      I have an MPEG that was converted from an MPG4 using AVS Video Converter. The MPEG plays all the way through in a viewer like Microsoft's Windows Media Player.

      However, whenever I bring the MPEG into Adobe Premiere Elements 3 to edit, I get only the first 2 minutes of the video. The video is 20 minutes long.

      If I stretch the handle on the right, there is no other information - the video is not simply clipped, it is missing the other 18 minutes. (Sounds like the Watergate tapes!)

      Has anyone experienced this before?

      The video came from google.video (downloaded using KeepVid. I am trying to clip a portion of a speech by Barry Schwartz for a presentation at work. I suppose there could be something in it that is set to prevent me from editing it, but I haven't seen that before. Source is here:

      Barbara Heninger