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    Unloading Movie clips dynamically

    fiveflightsup Level 1
      Firstly, I'm working in AS2. I've created a few empty movie clips that I'm loading movie clips into. I've got loading situated but I'm having a problem figuring out how to unload the clip. Can I have the movieclip unload automatically when it is done? If so is there a simple way to accomplish this.If not do I need to symbol for this action? Also what symbol needs the AS applied to it? I used behaviors to load the movieclips.

      Also the way I prefer it to work is that when you roll over certain buttons it loads different external clip, again I know how to accomplish this in a basic way but the unloading has me stumped.

      Any simple tutorial or advise would be appreciated. I'm basically a graphic designer and coding causes me a bit of drama but I can handle basic things.

      Thanks in advance