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    Premiere Elements 7: Transitions: audio cut off brutally


      I got me this Elements 7 package since yesterday and I am impressed so far, but there is one thing that does not make it 100% perfect for me yet.

      -> In scene line I put 2 clips next to each other, I add a transition between them. (cross dissolve)

      -> Premiere will do the transition BUT

      1. during the transition-effect the second clip is not playing, only showing the first frame until the transition-effect is over, giving this stop & go' effect, where it should run smooth into the other clip.

      2. There is no transition in the sound (the audio of the first clip should run smoothly to silent and vice versa for the second clip)
      This makes the sound cut off very brutally during a transition.

      Am i doing something horribly wrong here? Is there someway to 'automate' the thing I want, because I use this mostly between much videos.

      I thank you very much!