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    PE 7 Crashes, freezes

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      I have had trouble exporting to tape AVI's that were made with PE 5.2. I have also had some trouble with crashing/freezing/reboot computer with 7 so far compiling movies/avi's as well. Are Forum members having trouble with 7 too? It seems to crash much easier. Version 5.02 worked well and I rarely had trouble. Would it help to run the avi's made with version 5 back through the "export movie", make new avi? I have never tried that and don't know if that is possible. One clip freezes at exactly the same point but it is not only one clip, but many I am having trouble exporting. Is Adobe good as far as refunds go? I may go back to Version 5. It served my purpose. I started with Adobe 4 years ago and I still have much to learn, I know. The avi's made with Version 5 played perfectly and exported to tape perfectly. If Adobe is having problems (with 7) and will just admit it, I will be patient.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          As far as I know, there was no Premiere Elements version 5, bill -- so maybe that's part of the problem.

          Most reports are, on a well-equipped, well-maintained, up to date system, version 7 is more stable than pretty much any build -- so your experiences aren't typical.

          Can you tell us more about your machine, operating system and what's you're using for source files?
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            Sorry Steve, I was having a "senior moment" I was thinking photoshop. I meant Version 3. I have Windows xp home, 2gb ram, 500 external hard drive. I guess the simplest thing to do would be to install PE3 and see what happens. Source files? Told you that I am still learning!
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Meantime, make sure you update to XP SP3.

              Update Quicktime, your firmware and RealTek drivers.

              Maintain your system and clean and defrag it.

              And then let us know what your source files are.

              Are they photos? If so, are they no larger than 1000x750 pixels, per our recommendation?

              If video, is it from a miniDV, HDV, AVCHD, hard drive camcorder? Each has its own needs and necessary settings.
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                It would be a good idea to try File>export>Movie once. If this works there should be no problem with the tape export. Alos PE3 and PE 7 can exist and can be run at the same time on one system, so you dont have to uninstall one to run the other one. Lets us know the answer to Steve's queries and we can take it on from there.
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                  I did not know I could run both versions. I will do that an try as a last resort. I will update as Steve suggested, see if that solves the problems and return and post results at a later date.
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    I believe that there is some more to this thread at:

                    Though most of the above thread might just be my comments on where to post initially and not germane to anything.

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                      I have done all that Steve suggested. I have updated to Windows 7. I have updated my Pentium 4 processor, which from the best I can understand, seems to have an intergrated graphics card (viewed computer via "Belarc" and see no graphics card). I have cleaned and defragmented. Steve..I use a Sony dv camcorder and,yes, I learned some time ago about using files/photos that were not the proper size. Making/rendering the video/photos to avi's goes flawless so what could be wrong with a completed avi that could cause problems? It will be some time before I try burning the avi's to disc because I baby-sit the grandkids every day and they have given me a virus! Down and out!
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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                        Bill, I'm not guaranteeing I'll be able to help but, if you've got a couple of days, it might be worth a shot.

                        Can you e-mail me your Belarc Advisor report at steve at muvipix.com?

                        I'll have a look and see if I can see anything obvious.

                        These programs should NOT be behaving like this!
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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Go to Windows Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and look down the list. You should see "Sound, video and game controllers," near the bottom of the list. Click on the + sign to expand it. Again, look down that list. I'd guess that you'll see "Realtek High Definition Audio," or similar. Dbl-click on that and you'll get a dialog box with 4 tabs. In General, you should see some details on your sound (card or chip). Then under the Driver tab, you should get details on the driver that it is using. Check the Driver Date and the Driver Version. If your driver date is more than a month old, it probably has been superceeded by at least one new one. If you have the Realtek chip, go to www.reatlek.com and check out the drivers available for download. Personally, I stick with full releases and do not download/install any beta release. If there is a beta, I check back in a week, or two, and get it, when it's an official release.

                          Usually, the install will be from a .EXE file and is simple and quick.

                          Now, whether an Audio driver could cause your exact problems seems slightly unlikely, but it pays to have the latest drivers on almost everything.

                          Good luck,

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                            I really appreciate your help (and interest guys! I am in no hurry and again, maybe it is fixed. When I feel better I will test several clips to see what happens. I can put 6hrs. of video on one disc using my Sony player burner and when there is a defect I can lose hours of work! Sometimes there is a defect in a completed disc (dvd-rw) that will not allow me to make copies. Burning family video on a 6 hour disc eliminates having so many discs. I do a "Kids Video" every month. I have done this for years now and I have had no problem until now. Hunt...I looked as you suggested, found no Realtek. Only thing related to video was "Legacy Video Capture Devices" and that showed the manufacturer to be "Standard System Devices". Steve ... I will send the system specs to you. More on this...when I export to tape sometimes the "dialog box" will show the movie being exported but does not and when it does it can freeze at times. Very intermittent.
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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                              Thanks for forwarding your Belarc report, Bill.

                              As I said, I'm not one of those geniuses who can look at one of these things and immediately know what's up. But I thought it was worth a shot.

                              Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess) everything looks perfect to me! There's not one obvious bug in your whole set-up. And, since you've even done my recommended maintenance, most of the stuff that isn't obvious should be fixed too.

                              Did I recommend downloading the K-Lite Codec Pack? It's not a sure fire fix by any means, but it does clean up any messy codec issues.

                              But, beyond that, I'm entirely out of ideas, Bill. Hopefully Hunt or someone else with deeper knowledge than I will have something for you.

                              Sorry I can't do more though.
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                                No, Steve, you did not mention the codec pack. I do know a little about codecs,VERY little! I will look for and download that too. Hey! Don't think you and Hunt haven't helped me! I did a "dry run" (output thru Pyro link to TV but not to burn) on the stored videos/avis I had ( 8ea., 4 hrs total) and all went perfectly except for one avi that had a clip from an e-mail about an Anaconda suddenly striking that I took from that e-mail via temporary files and then converted by SUPER to an avi. I know just enough about Super to get myself into trouble! Anyway, this avi stops and freezes at EXACTLY the same place. I cut and resized that portion of the avi using the Monitor. I don't know if that makes any difference, with my limited experience, but it did not freeze the next time. Luck? I guess that I should be more careful (at least until I learn more) about what video I use, including my Kodak camera Mov videos. By the way, I already had updated to Quicktime. I will let you and Hunt know if I still have problems (relating to Adobe!) and in closing I just want to say that I am so impressed with you,Steve, and Hunt, and all the other Forum members that have to be absolutely brilliant to absorb all this tech stuff like codecs.
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                                  Back again! I looked at the K-Lite site and it looks very complex! If you think that a beginner like me can understand how to use (and when to use!) and apply codecs I will download. I won't know how "basic" the instructions are until I download, but I hope that it would be easier to understand than the "Homepage"!
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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                    Just click the download FULL link on this page, Bill.

                                    Then just follow prompts to install the program.

                                    This one comes with lots of benefits and no liabilities than I could find, so don't worry about accidentally installing something unwanted.

                                    And, though it may or may not fix your problem, it does expand the file format tolerance for Premiere Elements in addition to tuning up some codecs you may already have installed.
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                                      Soooooooo....This might be a stupid question. I installed K-lite. Does this automatically affect programs like Adobe PE7 without my doing anything? Do I use these codecs when I am having trouble with a clip? Many files were removed that were damaged or not found. This should be my last post until I do the final burn on these videos and then I will post the results. Thanks!
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                                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                        Yes, it does automatically fix stuff, Bill. And some of what it fixes will affect Premiere Elements' performance.

                                        Let us know how it goes.
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                                          Think we could mess with our computers till the day we die and we wouldn't fix this bug...see http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b6d7b0/8
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                                            Here is screenshot of my PC in the process of dropping video frames....doesn't seem overloaded to me ?

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                                              Steve is really slick and so is Hunt. Maybe they have ideas. I too, get the low memory warning from time to time when I try to import video. That is something I did not mention to you , Steve. I closed it out and re-opened my project and all went well but don'know why because, like you, I have tons of available memory. If I wasn't doing all this video/photos for the grandkids to have some day I would sell this computer and rid myself of the stress. Maybe some day I will reach that point! Any new version takes time to work the bugs out....
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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                Bill & Andrew,

                                                One of the problems, when working with an already resource intensive program, like an NLE, and having to get it to do a lot of conversion work through CODEC's, is that not all CODEC's are created equal. Some are well-written and work nicely. Some are "hacked," or are "reverse engineered" to do things that the orignal, i.e. "real" CODEC, does, but the implementation is not 100%.

                                                That is one reason that I stay away from CODEC "packs." That said, many do a wonderful job and the CODEC's included are good, well-written ones, just not with all.

                                                Most NLE's are designed around a DV-AVI workflow. To use other material usually involves additional CODEC's, etc. for internal conversion, or external converters. As has been noted in other threads, some CODEC's work perfectly, some just do not. Experimentation and research are the best approaches. Some experiments can yield useless dead-ends. Some might pay dividends.

                                                This can be a slow and frustrating process, but can *usually* be made to work.

                                                Now, the question might be, "why does PE not work with everything?" Well, for many instances, it's because either the exact technology did not exist, when that version of PE was being written, or that Adobe's marketing staff did not think it would be commonplace - have to give up some things to meet the price-points. It could also be that a particular manufacturer took an existing technology and tweaked it, making it ultimately better. Still, unless they were working WITH Adobe, the programers are not likely to even know to incorporate THAT into PE. Users often ask how Sony's Vegas can work so cleanly with some of the newer Sony formats. Well, that should be pretty obvious, if you look at one word, "Sony." Same for Apple's FCP working with the latest Apple OS and with all version of Apple's QT and all of its possible CODEC's. Again, one word, "Apple." Development of all aspects is going on in the same building, or at least on the same campus, plus Apple has a tighter rein on the hardware, that one is likely to be using, unlike the PC.

                                                I know that this does not directly answer the question, "why does my XX not work in PE, when I do YY?" Hopefully, the answers will come from the field in these forums.