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    Embed pdf files

    Soula-55 Level 1
      Hi to all,
      In Pr El version2, can I embed a pdf file?
      that is, at a certain point I would like to have a button, if I click that button, it launches automatically the adobe reader displaying that file
      thanks in advance
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          You're talking about making an interactive file, like a WMV, that launches a PDF when you click on it at one point during playback?

          No, that's not possible in Premiere Elements.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            In PE 2, can Christine include ROM material on a DVD? While this would not be as interactive, as I think she wishes, and would ONLY be available from a computer, not a set-top player, it might get her by. I know that Encore allows ROM content, but do not know about PE.

            Also, Christine, what I think you wish to do
            i was
            possible once. There was a DVD authoring program (forget the name, but something like eShare?), that allowed similar. Unfortunately, the developer could not port it for Vista and closed up shop. It was designed for eCommerce DVD's, and worked pretty well, so I am told. However, it no longer exists, and all development has been stopped. Remember, this
            i was
            with a totally different program, than PE.


            [Edit] The program was by Sonic and was called Sonic eDVD 4. You might want to poke around the Sonic Web site to see if they have ressurected this program, or similar. It seems that eDVD was last priced around US$200 (when it was being sold), after an initial introductory price of US$1000.
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              Soula-55 Level 1
              Thanks guys,
              Well I used to do something similar with Director once upon a time......

              The whole story is this: there is a video clip and 2 pdf files. The person wants to place all of them on a DVD, in such a way that the audience, watching this either on a computer or on their TV, will be able to choose whatever they want to watch.

              Can this be done, if yes, what software would I need?
              Or, is there a creative way to solve this problem?

              (The person would like to avoid having to send to potential customers one DVD containing the video clip and one CD containing the pdf files)
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Yeah. Sounds more like a job for a program like Director, Christine.
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  One problem with the set-top/TV player is that Acrobat Reader would need to be installed on the TV. Unfortunately, that does create a real problem.

                  Now, limit it to a computer and then things get a little bit easier. And, I mean "little" bit easier.

                  On a computer, with Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, one could be directed to open the ROM content. The older program eDVD allowed this from withing the Video material and not from Windows Explorer, or similar. ROM content needs to be accessed at the computer level, while the old eDVD allowed it from the Video.

                  Now, you might want to go to the Adobe Encore forum and do a search on "PDF." There will be a lot of articles, but about two pages down (sorry I did not Copy the exact link), there is some discussion of doing a "Flash-like" DVD, that has some interactivity. I have never used any of this, and cannot comment, but might prove useful to you.

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                    Soula-55 Level 1
                    Thank you so much Bill, it is wise to limit the project to the computer only.....this opens a new horizon, I will check Adobe Encore to verify its capabilities
                    Thanks again
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      The one downside is that as of the CS3 version (CS4 now shipping), Encore is no longer a stand-alone program. It comes bundled with Premiere Pro. It has not changed much, other than the addition of the Export to Encore function, added to P-Pro. I find it to be a great program, and use it 99% of the time for my Projects.

                      Steve, and others, might be able to help you find a DVD-authoring program that can be purchased alone. I hear DVD Architect being suggested a lot, but have never used it. The one feature that you will want is the ability to add ROM content. When you edit your Video, you can include instructions for the user, on how to access the ROM content, which will be just like accessing content from a DVD-data disc, i.e. using Windows Explorer/My Computer, or similar.

                      As an aside, I think that Adobe made a marketing mistake to pull Encore from sale and only offer it bundled, but then they wear $3000 suits and I sit typing on my patio in an Hawiian (not even a real "aloha shirt") shirt and cargo shorts!

                      Good luck, and please report back to this thread, with your findings and decisions, so others can benefit down the line.


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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                        DVD Architect Studio is a terrific standalone DVD authoring program for under $50. But I still don't know if it will do what Christine is looking for, Hunt.