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    various vista versions vs PE 4 & 7

      I am looking for the "in a nutshell" scoop on using vista 64-bit with PE 4 and/or 7. I had PE4 loaded on a Dell Studio laptop before I uninstalled and returned the machine due to overheating. I am now looking to purchase a desktop instead because of the higher power/lower cost advantage. Many Dell quads only come with 64 bit Vista. I've heard that PE4 does not play well with 64 bit vista. Is PE7 better?

      Best Buy has a super nice deal on a 64 bit Dell Studio desktop this week so I need to know soon. If I have to purchase version 7 to be compatible with 64 bit, I guess I'll have to, though I only got a week's worth of use from version 4 before I sent the laptop back...

      And, if PE 7 doesn't work with 64 bit does ANYTHING? If not, what's the point of 64 bit? Perhaps that's a subject for a different forum...sorry :)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Technically, 64-bit operating systems are ahead of the software that will run on them. Premiere Elements 7 MIGHT run on it -- but it also might run terribly buggy on it. I've heard reports of both.

          Mainstream 64-bit programs are only now starting to come out. Most likely, you'll see more support for it in 2009.

          But, for now, it's an investment in a future that's not quite here yet, IMHO.
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            Al Brito
            I am running PE4 on Vista x64 and have not had any major problems with it. Outside of the minor crashes that I also have seen when I used XP on another system, I am EXTREMELY happy with the program. I am running Vista Business on an ASUS p5n-DM HDMI MB with 4gb of memory an Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3 GHZ CPU and a 640 GB HD. It's fast and it's almost 100% stable. Only when I add a lot of transitions on each image will the program go south when I am saving as a DVI file and that also happens in XP so I presume it's PE4 that has the bug. With my old XP system I was extremely frustrated by the slowness and freezing up of the program, Something I did not see with the new system I have. I plan to add an All in Wonder HD Video Card to my new system and hopefully PE and the Card will play nice together.

            I hope this helps.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Glad you're doing so well, Alfred. But I sure wouldn't recommend marrying an All-in-Wonder card and Premiere Elements. It's not likely to be a friendly pairing.