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    improving AVCHD playback?

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      Is there anyway to improve the AVCHD playback within Premiere Elements 7 (PRE7)? Cyberlink PowerDVD plays my AVCHD video files with no problem so it should be a problem with my computer. Do I need to install a different set of codecs? Is there a way I can have PRE7 use the same codecs that Cyberlink PowerDVD is using?
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          PE7 is a video editor... PowerDVD is a media player, they both do different things. In particular PowerDVD can take advantage of the GPU on your graphics card (if it is Nvidia or ATI) to play back AVCHD whereas PE7 can not. The only way to improve the playback in PE7 is to render the file... that is hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
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            I hit the ENTER key while the video was selected in the timeline and you're right it got rendered. thanks!

            Still I wish that PRE7 was able to preview AVCHD files as efficiently as a media player.
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              We all wish the same,

              But as we all know AVCHD is a heavy format and takes a lot of CPU bandwidth in terms of CPU power and memory.
              One optimum solution would be to use a really powerful system with loads of RAM to get a realtime playback wihout rendering. Unfortunately if this is not very feasible right now, hitting ENTER and rendering the media is what we will have to live with for now.

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                I would agree with you that it is my computer's fault IF it weren't for the fact that AVCHD files play just fine in a stand alone video player: Cyberlink PowerDVD 8. Besides, my system may nopt be the best but it is still not too shabby.

                GPU: Nvidia 8800 GTX
                RAM: 4GB
                CPU: 2.13 GHz dual core
                Vista Score: 5.1
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                  Ozpeter Level 1
                  Here on a quad core PC (XP PRo, 2GB of memory), each core runs at typically 35 - 40% when playing an un-rendered AVCHD clip (with no problems). If I render half the clip for comparison, each core runs around only 7 - 10% when playing that portion. However, quality is clearly degraded (in terms of definition). This means that when previewing any effects and transitions and so forth by first rendering them, you get low-CPU-stress performance, but what you see isn't what you get when you export to a high definition format - it's a pity that there seems to be no way of telling PE7 to render previews in the original quality (which would play back just as easily as the original clips of course. Perhaps there should be an alt-enter option to cause that to happen when required.