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    Guidelines for 16:9

    Ed.Macke Level 3
      My Sony MiniDV Handycam has the option of shooting in "widescreen" - which I'm assuming is 16:9.

      So far, I haven't done that because I'm leary of how to process it in PE. FYI, I currently have PE4, but am getting PE7 soon.

      * If I shoot widescreen, are there any "gotchas" upon importing it and editing it in APE?

      * So let's say I've edited my widescreen project...if I create a DVD, what happens when I play that DVD on my non-widescreen TV - does it auto-letterbox like commercial DVDs, or what?

      * What happens if I put that widescreen video up on YouTube?

      * If I run into problems, is there any way to "crop" my 16:9 video into normal 4:3?

      Basically, my fear is that if I shoot 16:9 video, I'm going to end up with squashed video (i.e. 16:9 video scrunched into a 4:3 box) and no way to go back to usable 4:3 footage.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Yes, all these things are possible, Ed. And your TV will display your widescreen just as it does commercial DVDs with widescreen.

          You can even crop a widescreen down to 4:3 -- but it wouldn't recommend it. It involves a lot of processing and re-rendering. So I'd recommend you decide before you shoot what format you want to end up with.
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            I agree with Steve. I would also not recommend stepping down from 16:9 to 4:3.
            First you decide what mode you want the result in, shoot in the same mode, edit in same mode using Premiere elements and i can assure you will be glad with the results.
            in case for a same video you require an output in widescreen as well as standard, there are corresponding export presets which you can select and use.

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              I have a Sony mini-DV camera that can film in regular and widescreen and recently started filming in widescreen only.

              Pre El 3 captures, edits, and outputs very well when played on a widescreen or a standard screen. I have found no need to do anything special when planning to view a project on standard screen.
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                I am creating a DVD with several months of video, and the first 5 clips are in standard mode and the remainder in widescreen. Can I create one movie containing both standard and widescreen and then render it? Or do I need to render the two screen sizes separately and combine them afterward? I want the final movie to display in widescreen, and would like black bars on the side of the fullscreen clips so that part of the movie is not distorted.
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  It's very difficult to handle more than one person's challenges in a single thread, guys. If you've got questions about issues with Premiere Elements, please start your own threads rather than tagging onto an existing one.