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    "The software used to decode....."

    paulgoelz Level 1
      OK, I am once again mystified and frustrated with this horrid software (PE3). I've posted on this before but this has me totally stumped.

      I just tried to burn a ridiculously simple project consisting of a couple titles and some AVIs to a folder. And got the infamous "the software used...." error. So I exported the entire thing (about 12 minutes) to DV-AVI and put that on the timeline as the ONLY asset. And got the same danged error message when trying to burn to a folder. It always happens after the rendering and about 2/3 of the way through the "Compiling media" step if that is a clue to anyone.

      I think it is painfully obvious that the error message is bogus and has little or nothing to do with whatever the real issue is. The ONLY asset in the project is ONE DV-AVI..... that PE3 created. And it STILL can't burn it?

      Looks like my only option to be able to get past this silliness is to pay money for an upgrade to PE7.... and pray it works better. Can't quite bring myself to do that yet.