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    Getting started - will Vista and Philips x59 support editing?

      I have a Philips X59 laptop with Vista with 1GB RAM and 1.66GHZ, Intel Core 2 duo processor. I am thinking of buying a Canon MD250 camera and Premier Elements.
      I know this is not an ideal set up, but it pretty much matches up to the minumum requirements and I don't mind it being a bit slow. Will my laptop support the programme?
      If not, can anyone reccommend a programme I can use to edit video on this laptop? eg. would I be better off getting an older version of Premier Elements?
      Thanks in advance,
      Lucy, London, UK
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I don't recommend this program with that set-up, Lucy. It's not just a matter of it being slow -- it's that it may not work at all! (The rule of thumb is to take the minimums listed on the box and double them.)

          It might work, for short projects. (I couldn't find any specs on that camera, so I can't comment on it.) But I think more often it's going to be frustrating -- crashing and running out of memory and scratch disk space.

          Sorry, but that's my recommendation.