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    PE7 routinely crashes while editing titles

      I get message that resources are running low every time I am editing titles - after about 2-3 minutes editing. Same thing happened in PE4 before I upgraded, but in PE4 I could go back in after one crash and it would be stable to finish editing that title. PE7 will crash repeatedly while editing titles. This is a clean machine with pretty much nothing else installed but MS Office.

      What can I do to stabilize?

      Dell XPS 420: Vista Ultimate, Intel Quad CPU Q6600 2.4Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 400Gb free HD, 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT Video.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          First optimize Vista, per the FAQs at the top of the forum.

          Then update your firmware, RealTek drivers and Quicktime.

          Then clear off your junk files and do some maintenance.

          After that, it could depend a lot on what you're using for source files.

          And all of this is, of course, moot if you're using 64-Vista, which has its own challenges.
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            Are you using title templates? I would suggest, save the project, close and restart PE7 onnce you get this message of low memory. On a $ GB system you should not be getting this error. Also let us know what else is there on the timeline? Are you working with AVCHD clips or slideshow imported from PSE?
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              No, not using templates. I do close it when I get the message, I end up closing it at least once on every title I create though. 4Gb should definitely be enough.

              Here is what I just tried: I created a new AVCHD project and did not load any video clips into the project. With no assets in the project and therefore nothing on the timeline I created a new title with text only and kept playing with textbox resize, font size, font color, moving text boxes etc. for 5 minutes and it never had a problem. I even added another title and played with the templates - no problems.

              Then in the same project I added one very short AVCHD clip to the timeline that is just 2 min long. I added another title and kept playing with it for about 3 min when I got the error message.

              I think this eliminates some of the issues I read in this forum like optimizing the memory usage, corrupt fonts, etc. The project I created that crashed is just about the smallest project I could create - resource usage should not be an issue.

              After posting the above I deleted all the work from the above AVCHD project, loaded a 15 sec. MPG clip into the timeline then played with basic titles (adding 4 separate titles) over 10 minutes and it never crashed.