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    Export Elements project for editing in Premier Pro

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      I would like to export my daughters Elements project for editing in my PP. So far all I've managed to do is to get a folder with the clips and other pieces of her project, so I would literally be starting from scratch on a new edit. Is there an export that I could use that I will then have her project in its current form, for further editing in PP?
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          I'm sure that there are ins-n-outs on Importing a PE Project into P-Pro PP), but I've done so, with perfect results, with PE4 Projects into PP2. Now, in my tests, there were not a lot of Effects, etc. added in PE, and the same goes for Transitions. The PE Project was "plain vanilla," but Imported perfectly. Other versions of PE and PP might not play as nicely. You will have to experiment. With Adobe products, it *seems* that most newer versions of an NLE will work with Projects of equal, or earlier releases of another. Going "backwards," seems to work *most* of the time. Going forward, well not so well, if at all. Example: if you have PE4 and Premiere 6.5, it might well not work. If it does, you will likely loose some things in translation. Heck, it's the same for Projects in one version of Premiere Pro, going to another version of Premiere Pro. PP2 Projects usually open just fine in PP-CS3. Not so often going PP-CS3 to PP2.

          In PP2, I start a New Project, to the specs, that I need (usually NTSC DV with 5.1 Audio). In File>Import, I navigate to the folder with the PREL file(s) from PE. But wait, there's a problem - none show. Not to worry. Just use the File Type drop-down to Show All File Types, and there they are, the PREL files.

          A dbl-click, or highlight and OK will Import the PE Project into the PP one. It will come in with all of the Bins, etc. and be inside of Bin in PP for the entire Project. Now comes the less than intuitive part. Open up the entire structure of the PE Project, and find the Timeline (it will be a Sequence in PP). Dbl-click on it to open it as a Sequence and Timeline in PP. At this point, you should have most of the edits and Assets arranged, just as you left them in PE. Adobe is good here (not so much elsewhere) at giving you error messages that make sense. If it cannot find/Import a Transition, it tells you what and where. Just plan on replacing this/these with new Transitions in PP.

          Second method would be to do all of the real editing needed in PE, Export as DV-AVI and Import that into PP. However, the individual "pieces" of your Project will now be one AV file. If I were doing this, I'd NOT add Transitions, but just leave every Clip butted to the next. The reason is that you can take the Razor in PP and "cut" the one DV-AVI file into pieces, exactly as they were in PE. If you've added the Transitions, they are now part of the DV-AVI file, and to get "clean" heads and tails on Clips, you have to cut out the entire Transition. Plus, you will NOT have any Handles on these newly made (Razored) Clips. Heed that warning. If you re-edit from this DV-AVI, you WILL be shortening your original Clips even more. It would then be better to not edit too tightly in PE, so you will have Handles for use in PP.

          Last, if one has used 3rd party plug-ins, or processing in the PE Project, PP might, or might not, be able to work with those. You take your chances.

          Specifically, what versions of each program do you have and exactly what do you want to do with the Project, once into PP?

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            Thanks so much for you thorough reply. PP is CS3. Not sure on the PE cuz she just sent it to me as an exported project. I dbl-clked the Sequence and it dropped quite a bit of stuff into the timeline. But it appears more to be placeholders "media off-line." I can only assume she did the export incorrectly. Maybe I should get a fresh export before going to much further.
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              I've gained access to the PE project computer, its 2.0. I guess my first question is regarding the Export process. I do not see an export specifically including all the assets. It is either a movie, dvd, or a couple of others.
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                OK, so I've located the Archive feature in PE. I'll try that and report.
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                  You will also need the media Assets (obviously copies of them). I would ask your daughter to ship you a DVD-data disc and to just copy over her folder structure with the media files.

                  Now comes a bit of planning. Get her to tell you the drive letter, that she has these files on at this moment, i.e. the location that PE is linking to. Ideally, this drive letter will match up to one that you also have, say D:\ on her system, and D:\ on your system. If you are so lucky, you've just saved some time. Then, copy the files from the DVD-data exactly as she copied them to it.

                  Back in Pro, do not save your Project, just close the program. Once you have the media files and folder structured to your computer, repeat the process of opening a new Project, with proper presets. Re-Import the PREL into PP. Now, hold your breath. PP *should* find all necessary files, the ones that you copied over.

                  If any of the above is not possible, or PP does not find the files on its own, it should begin asking you where these files are and give you the opportunity to locate them. Usually, it will ask for one, say AVI and then automatically locate the others in that folder. Same for JPG's and same for Audio files. Some may have to be manually linked from this point, and you may need to use the Find button on the linking dialog box.

                  Another way to do it, but with more manual effort, is to do the copy action with folder structure (maybe to a different drive letter, if you do not have the same one on your computer), then for each Asset (should have the Off-line icon in the Project Panel) right click on each and choose Link Media. Navigate to the location for each file and dbl-click on that file. The icon will change and the media will be linked. This is on a file-by-file basis, so it takes some time to do. That is why I suggested that you start over, and not Save the Project you have created. You want as much to be automatically Linked, as is possible. Doing a similar Import of an existing Project, I had to manually re-link 1400+ JPG's, a couple dozen MOV files and a couple dozen AVI's. It is not fun, and you must be patient.

                  Once the links have been made, do a Save_As and use that version of your Project. All Links *should* take and be available every time you Open that Project.

                  Now, I have seen your most recent posts. I do not know how PE's Archive will function into PP. I have not tried this. It might do all you need. If not, go back up to the head of this reply and just copy over the media files. You *might* be able to do this over a wired LAN, or wireless LAN, or may have to do the DVD-data route. Do try the PE Archive to PP method and report back. It'll likely help others.

                  Good luck,

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                    Will exporting from PE as an avi work? I have done this many times for further editing in PP or building a DVD in Encore.
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                      B Watts,

                      Yes, Exporting as a DV-AVI will work with one limitation. If you wish to do additional editing of your Imported AVI, you will need to razor it into pieces to edit.

                      If you do go this intermediary file route, I'd strongly suggest NOT adding any Transitions in PE. I would also not add any more Audio, than what is Captured. Wait until you're in PP to do those. As above, you'll need the Razor, so that you can add a Transition. Also note that when you do this, you will not have any Handles on your newly created Clips, hence you will need to trim some footage (half the Duration of your Transition) to get it to work.
                      b [Edit]
                      That is, unless you do NOT plan on doing any additional trimming/editing.

                      Two ways around this:

                      1.) do not do tight edits in PE, leaving some "trim" for the Handles
                      2.) use only Dip-to-Black Transitions and place one on the Tail of Clip A and another on the head of Clip B.

                      This limitation is one reason for Importing the Project from PE into PP, but if you plan ahead a little you can use the intermediary Export method.

                      Personally, I'd just do the entire Project in PP, but my tests on Importing a PREL (PE4 to PP2) look pretty good. Still, I cannot imagine that workflow for me. Now, if someone handed me a PREL, that I had to do additional editing on, I know that I could, and that *most* of the PREL would Import fine. My tests were done on fairly simple Projects, so there might be Effects, etc., that would NOT translate. Still, if I planned on adding Effects, I'd do all of that in PP.

                      Good luck,