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    PE4 Add Stroke to Text Question

    the_wine_snob Level 9
      I'm working through a Project for someone else. I'm in PE4's Titler and working with existing Text. I am trying to add a Stroke to the existing Text. I do not want to change anything about any applied Styles, or a Drop-Shadow, just add a Stroke to the Text.

      I've Selected the Text Box (Selection Tool) and also Selected all Text (Text Tool), but when I open the Palette, I can "see" Fill and Stroke, but cannot find out how to access them. The drop-down beside Stroke is locked. I can do this easily in PP2, PS and AI, but am lost in PE4's Titler.

      I have looked in F1 and searched this forum and Muvipix, but only come up with Stroke for a graphic Object, not Text (plus the medical condition).

      I am obviously missing something very elemental. Help give me a "Duh! Moment," and let me know what it is.