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    Premiere Elements 4 adding thumbnails to my PSElements 6 when I capture Video, WHY?

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      Every time I capture video it adds it to my PSE6 organizer. I capture on my "D" drive not my "C" drive and Organizer only watches "C" drive My Pictures folder. Also if these were only small thumbnails it would be OK, but when I went to back up MY CATALOG in the organizer it was huge due to the added videos. I hate to have to keep deleting these imported videos from organizer, but that is the only solution I have found. Any ideas???
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          Since I am not certain whether there is any way in Premiere Elements 4 to stop Captured Video from being added to the Organizer, I encouraged Eleanor to post here.

          Here is a summary of my comments made in Eleanor's original post on the Photoshop Elements Technical Issues forum:

          The only workaround that I could identify to avoid having the video in the "regular" PSE catalog is to make a separate catalog and switch to that catalog each time before doing a Capture.

          With Premiere Elements 4 not active, open Photoshop Elements 6 and switch to this separate video PSE 6 catalog. Then close Photoshop Elements, open Premiere Elements and do the video capture. Next time you wish to use your regular photo catalog in Photoshop Elements 6, switch to that catalog - but remember that you need to switch to the video catalog each time before you capture.

          Now if your primary objective is to avoid the larger backup files when using the PSE Backup command, you could consider using different backup software. Just be sure to designate the Photoshop Elements catalog as a file to be backed up. Then you could have a common catalog for photos and video if you wish.