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    Changing title background?

    Bruce Chastain Level 1
      PRE 7

      If I start off by dragging title generic1_title to the timeline (as a blue swirly background), I get a title added to my project as expected.

      Question: If I don't like the background behind the title text, can I change it somehow? I can't seem to find a way to modify the background of the included titles.

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          Ed.Macke Level 3
          When you say "background", are you talking about something like white-on-black text, or something else?

          The reason I ask is that I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to figure out a way to do a "close-caption" type text effect, where the text is white but within a black box.

          I have PE4 and I'm wondering if PE7 added that functionality, or if you're talking about something different.
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            Ed, it can be done in PE3 so I'm certain it can be done in PE4 also. Check the 4th video on title basics, hope it helps.

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              Bruce Chastain Level 1
              Ed, no, not the text. The background image that takes up the entire screen that the text sits on top of. Some of the titles have a black background and some have an imaage. I'd like to know if I can change that image.

              The generic1_title I mentioned has a nice blue swirly background image which I'd like to be able to replace with a different image, for example.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I do not know of any way to change the
                i Background
                image in a preset Title. Unfortunately, I have never found any way to edit a PRTL (Title) file - Photoshop (and nothing else that I have found) will not do it.

                However, the best way to do this is to find a a "blank" Title, where you like the style of the text and use it over any "background" image that you want, thus creating the same effect.

                Using the same principle, you can go to the menu bar and choose Title>Default Still, then work on your text, adding treatments to it. Place it over the image of your choice and you have the same thing.

                For Ed, this is how I'd recommend creating your CC Titles. In the Titler, you can create various Shapes below your text to get what I think you are asking for.

                For heavy Style application, one could create a Title as an Image in Photoshop. Choose the appropriate File>New preset for your Project's preset. You can bring in any other image as your "background," and then add the text with the Type Tool. There, you can do any number of Style modifications to the Type Layer. You can also add any number of Shapes and other graphic effects. Save your PSD (with all Layers intact), then Save_As and choose TIFF, unless you need transparency. For that, I'd probably go with PNG, but TGA should give you what you want. Import that into PE. You could also "punch holes" in the TIFF (not really using transparency), by doing something with the Track Matte Effect.

                PE's Titler is nice, but lacks some power. P-Pro's is not that much different, or better. The "library" Titles, etc., are often good starting points, but one can do so very much more in Photoshop (even the PSE version), that I find it to be a better tool, when doing anything out of the ordinary.

                There are also 3rd party Titlers, like Bluff Titler and ProDAD's Heroglyph Titler. These really come into their own when one is animating the Titles. For general purpose Titles, I always go to Photoshop. These can also have a little animation, just nothing quite like the 3rd party apps. Actually, PE's text-animation tools do more than P-Pro can do without a lot of manually placed Keyframes.

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                  Ed.Macke Level 3
                  i For Ed, this is how I'd recommend creating your CC Titles. In the Titler, you can create various Shapes below your text to get what I think you are asking for.

                  Yes, this is actually what I do now. I create a black rectangle, then put my white text over it. It gives me the effect I'm looking for, and it's really pretty easy.

                  Really, the only annoying part is if I make any changes to the text (size, position, verbiage), I have to resize the rectangle behind it.

                  It's really not THAT big of a deal, but it would be a lot simpler to do something like create a "text box", make it black with 12-point margins, and begin typing white text.

                  Sorry, I just got excited when I heard "text background" mentioned. :)
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                    Bruce Chastain Level 1
                    It helps to know I'm not missing something obvious. :-)

                    I'll start with the blank or default titles and build from there.

                    Thanks very much Bill.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Now don't hold me to this, as I use Pro and am just learning PE, but what I'd do is create a Custom Title (one that you layout and then Save) with the general parameters that you require. I have dozens of these "Custom Templates" in Pro. I still cannot find a way to Save_As_Template (or similar in PE). I do know that I created some test Titles in Pro and added them to the library for PE, or maybe that test was for Menus. I'll explore specifically Titles and report on what I find.

                      Now, one could make their Template Title in PS, leaving room for the Text. Then in Titler drag a blank Title to the upper Video Track, dbl-click on it to bring it into the Titler, remove the Text Box and then drag the Text Tool to create the necessary size for your CC, that will just be the Text over you graphic.

                      Only problem that I see is where to place this graphic, so that it is shown in the Organizer. Titles and other Assets are stored with the Project. I'd still think you'd have to navigate appropriate folder each time you want this, then use it as a graphic.

                      Maybe I need to do a bunch of custom Titles in Pro and Save them to PRTL for use as Assets on Muvipix.com.


                      One thing that I did "discover," while I was searching for answers to Ed's question, is that the Titler in PE has a function to add an image to the Title. I don't know the limitations, but there is a function for it. Did not know it was there in PE.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Update: Just created a Lower Third Title in Pro with a rounded corner rectangle graphic. Added a Stroke to it and then a Bevel Style. Saved this as a Title Template.

                        Went to Explorer and Copied over my "custom" Title Templates (PTRL) to a new folder in Premiere Elements\Presets\General\Hunt. Back in PE, these all display properly, and one could add Text to these. Remember that you need to Duplicate the Title, so you can add new Text to each one, otherwise, you just edit your previous Text.

                        If you have a design and layout that you plan on using over and over, this method would work. Now if someone could just point me to Save_As_a_Template in PE - that would take care of it.

                        In case it's not just me missing something obvious, click my profile email me your layout and any elements and instructions for assembly. If you have artwork in AI, or images in something that Photoshop will handle, send those too. Let me know the specifics, such as NTSC 4:3, PAL Widescreen, etc. I'll make you a PTRL and e-mail it back to you. I think that you could add it to one of the sub-folders, but I'd create a special one in the existing hierarchy and copy this file to it.

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                          Bruce Chastain Level 1
                          Ed, very cool! I didn't know it was there either.

                          I was able to add my background as an image, then use scaling to make it the size of the window, and then send it to the back behind the text. It works great. The only downside seems to be if you apply roll or crawl to the text, the background image moves too, which might be what is desired sometimes.

                          The 2 track seems more flexible. Putting the image on one video track and the black background title on another.

                          I also figured out how to put one of the title templates with a fancy background and a transparent hole in the middle on one track, scrolling title text in another video track, and now the text scrolls just inside the center transparent area. Very cool stuff.

                          For what it does, the titler is pretty nice.

                          Thanks for the help.
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                            Bruce Chastain Level 1
                            Bill, sorry, my last message was to you, not Ed.

                            Thanks for the help.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9
                              Bruce (or is it Ed, or maybe Bill?) [Grin]

                              I had not thought about the Roll, or Crawl. I would imagine that you have pointed up a limitation, that I had not even thought about. Thanks.

                              Then, I'd go back to Plan A and use a Still (or Video) background. That should work fine.

                              Thanks for the question, as it allowed me to learn some more about the program.

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                                Level 1
                                Hey Bruce, You could try applying the different effects and presets available onto the title template. Yes, if you have any desired effect in mind, you can achieve that by tweaking the parameters of the effects. I mostly start from scratch by adding a Still tilte and adding an image, if I dont get somethign of my liking from PRE library.