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    Export to tape, no options

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      I have one hour fifty minutes of edited movie in premier 4. I want to export to tape. When I click on tape or export to tape I get no options, just a message that my video will be rendered and exported to tape. Do I have to save the video in two halves and then export it or should I have the option to export only the work area. I obviously can't fit 110 minutes on a 60 minute tape and I have a place in the movie where I would like one tape to end.
      I have a dell xps 420 with 3gbs of ram and 120gb hard drive. I'm trying to export to a Canon Vixia HV30.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I don't know if you can export back to a HDV camcorder, Paul.

          But, even if you can, since a tape only holds 1 hour of video, you'll obviously need to do it in one hour pieces.
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            Paul_LS Level 4
            Yes you can export back to HDV camcorder Steve. Need to make sure the settings on the camcorder are correct. Make sure the camcorder is set to "Play" mode.
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              Thanks for the reply. I split the movie and started the save to tape process but it looked like it might take a long time so I'll wait till the weekend. Since the video is converted to mpeg 2 to get it into pe 4, and then has to be converted back to get it back to tape, is there any loss in quality. I can't find anywhere that lets me choose the mpeg quality during import and I don't get any options during export. This was my original question, shouldn't there be a set of options when I click on export to tape.
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                PeterFDuke Level 1
                I think PE always re-renders MPEG (no smart rendering) on output and that would include exporting to HDV tape. There could be a slight degradation compared to smart rendering. Note that any part of the video that had been edited (trimmed, subtitles, colour or brightness correction, etc.) would have to be re-rendered in any case.
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                  I found that my canon vixia needs a setting changed when I'm exporting. I had a test piece of video set up for export so I tried it and it worked fine. When I tried the larger video, almost, one hour, I got the correct export to tape dialog box, however when I hit record the camcorder started up and I got the record symbol. My video started playing but nothing was recorded, no audio or video. I'll play around with different sizes of video and different settings and see what happens. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate hearing them.
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                    I hope someone is still reading this thread. When I captured the video I set the capture format for hdv, 720p. I have just discovered that the Canon vixia operates with a native resolution of 1080i. So when I transfer back the canon doesn't recognise the 720p format. I'm wondering if I can save my project to disc and then make a new project with the 1080i setting and if so what format should I use to save it to retain the video qulity.I imported some hdv from tape with the 1080i setting and was able to export it but I would prefer not to have to recapture all my video and re edit it.