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    PE7 - Why so slow compared to Moviemaker?

      This is crazy, why is PE7 (or PE3) so slow? I use PE3 to edit some sports video. I tried to use the export to windows media but the process took long and the output looked like crap.

      I like the editing feature of PE3 (vs. Microsoft Movie Maker) so my work-a-round was to: 1)Edit movie with PE3 2) Export to AVI movie 3) Go to Movie Maker and import AVI 4) Without any editing, went to SAVE ON MY COMPUTER and selected streaming option. The output looked a whole lot better than what PE3 sent out and the file was a lot less small.

      I just purchased PE7 thinking that things may have improved. However, I am pissed at the time it takes to process the file. I opened up a PE3 project and then created a streaming file. The first pass took 35 mins and now the 2nd pass is taking 50 mins.

      This is crazy. In my example above, the export to AVI (via PE3) would take just 15 mins and Movie Maker would then take 10-15 mins. 30 mins vs. 1.5 hours?

      My first project for PE7 is still on the 2nd pass. I'm sure that I will have other questions soon.

      Thank you for your comments.

      Yorba Linda, CA
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Obviously, these are two very different programs with very different functions and very different underlying code.

          Much of Premiere Elements' function depends on your source video and what type of camcorder it came from. MovieMaker is much more versatile, as far as the types of files it can easily digest -- but the trade-off is that the program hasn't got nearly the tool set of Premiere Elements.

          But all that said, MovieMaker, definitely creates a cleaner WMV faster. I've often used it to create my final WMV file -- after doing all my "real" editing in Premiere Elements. It's all about using the best and most efficient tool for the job.

          But the difference between 15 minutes and over an hour and a half to process a file? That's pretty extreme. There must be more to the story (like the source file, operating system and if it's optimized, effects, etc.).