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    Editing WMV files

      Hi all -

      Here is the situation:

      I am using Premiere Elements 3.0 on a PC with Windows XP Pro.

      I need to remove chunks of audio and video from a .wmv file.
      The file was created from a Live Meeting web conference, which consisted mainly of a 27-slide PPT presentation, and people talking for an hour and a half. Unfortunately the recording was left on for 5 hours after that so I need to lop off that 5 hours.

      Seemed straightforward enough to remove the unneeded part by using Split Clip and deleting the unwanted part.

      But, if I export the file as wmv, it goes from what was originally a 40 MB file, to about 125 MB. The worst part is that the PPT slides (which had degraded slightly already in whatever compression occurred in Live Meeting), are virtually unreadable in the exported (and much larger) file. So not only is it bigger, it's not even usable.

      Are there any suggestions with how to approach this project? (I am attempting another solution using the PPT slides and just exporting the audio and attaching in Captivate, but seem to be running into problems there as well.)

      Thanks for any advice you can provide -

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          Since it's a .wmv file I would use Movie Maker to do the simple editing you're doing.
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            Sorry I wish I could help you but I was having the same problem myself.
            I hope I can figire this out on my own and if I can't I will check back for updates.
            John Ranquist
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              I'm with Ed. Use Windows MovieMaker to edit this file and your results will be excellent.

              If you edit the file in Premiere Elements, it will need to be rendered as an AVI before the program can work with it (even if you plan to output it a WMV at the end) and AVIs are much, much larger.

              For efficient editing in native WMV format, there's just no substitute for MovieMaker.
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                Thanks for the replies. I imported a test .wmv file into Windows Movie Maker and am testing.

                My source .wmv file is only 2 MB, and is about 20 minutes long. (Again the video portion of this movie is just PPT slides, so not much action).

                I dragged the clips onto the story line, saved the project and went to save the movie. I chose the default (for playback on my computer). The dialog box told me it would create a file about 43 MB, I believe at 720 x 480, 30 FPS. A lot bigger file size than what I started with, but I just wanted to test so I went ahead. (Some of the other file formats seemed to shrink the image size down so much that I was afraid the PPT slides wouldn't be readable.) But again, this is just a test to see what this setting renders.

                The problem is that after 40 minutes, the dialog shows only 1% complete, and over 1300 minutes (and climbing) remaining to save this file. This can't really be right - can it? The problem is, in this whole time, the % complete hasn't changed and the time remaining keeps on climbin.

                I have an 80 GB hard drive, with 30 GB free space. I also have 4 GB of RAM and a 1.83 Ghz Intel processor. Any ideas on what to try next?
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  If you edit the file in MovieMaker, you'll probably have the resources to do it.

                  But, if you edit it in Premiere Elements, the program will need to assimilate the file as a DV-AVI (about 4 gigabytes for every 20 minutes) ad use many more gigabytes of scratch disk space -- which means you'll likely be a bit tight for space on an 80 gig C drive.