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    Burn DVD in PE4 or burn to folder questions???

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      Hi everyone, I have burned my first DVD in PE4, no problems whatsoever. DVD looks great on my 52" TV and my 26". My question is two fold:
      1. After burning one DVD does PE4 save those files in a folder with your original clips etc, or do you have to burn to the folder option to have it ready to burn a DVD using an outside burning program. I ask because if you want a second one do you have to go through that original PE4 process again. It seems simpler to just burn to a folder if you have to go through that long process it does before burning to produce a second copy. (when I opened the DVD PE4 burned it has two folders listed)

      2. If it does not save all that preliminary work, can you just copy the first DVD and burn in Roxio or other burning program Nero etc and get an equivalent quality second copy???

      3. If the "copy disc" option does not work, can you copy the files from the first DVD to your hard drive and then burn in Roxio?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          The best way to make more than one copy of a DVD is to burn to a folder rather than directly to a disc and then burn your copies from these folders.

          This is because (a) the program doesn't save your DVD files otherwise, so every DVD you burn will essentially start the process from scratch, and (b) duplicating a burned DVD has the potential of losing some data, and then you get a coaster rather than a DVD.