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    Everything is Grainy

      I just purchased Premiere Elements 7 - My shot video is clear -- But when it is in Premiere (during editing) and after I rendering and even when I upload to my streaming server Everything is VERY GRAINY -- Any suggestions would help.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          It depends on what format this video is in and what type of camera or camcorder it was shot on.
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            Paul_LS Level 4
            And also the project preset used.. does it match your video format?
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              The camera footage must match with the project setting. If somehow the exact setting is not available, maybe something close will give you the right results. Maybe in the workfolw you are taking the default NTSC DV STANDARD settings and proceeding. Changing the settings should work for you.

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                I am having the same problem. The picture quality from my camcorder is great but after it is captured and while editing it is horrible...very grainy and pixely. I have PE3. I had a Sony Hard Drive Cam, but sold it and switched to a Canon ZR930 (MiniDV) because an Adobe Tech Support guy told me that is what PE is designed to use: DV or MiniDV for best quality. In PE3 i have it set to NTSC DV Standard and I am using a MiniDV Camcorder is that right? Can anyone be more specific about what the settings are supposed to be on in PE3? Are there other settings I should look at? I have got to be doing something wrong.
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  If you are capturing from a miniDV over Firewire, there is no need to adjust any settings because "capture" is actually just streaming video data from the camcorder. There is no change to the visual or audio data itself. The quality of the captured video will be IDENTICAL to the quality of the video in the camcorder.

                  Your computer displays video differently than your TV however. It's also of much higher resolution. So captured DV may not look as good on a computer as it does on your TV. It is, nonetheless, identical to the original miniDV footage.
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                    Thanks Steve. I'll try burning a DVD and see how it looks when I play it on TV. Since this has become a hobby for me I also create videos and show them on an Imag for my church. I'll have to see how they look on the Imag as well. I appreciate the response.
                    By the way...do you think MiniDV is still the way to go or do you think Hard Drive or Flash drive will give just as good of an output quality?

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                      I actually do a whole section on this discussion in my new book on version 7, Joe.

                      MiniDV is and always will be the best format for editing standard video on a computer. And that's as true for Macs as well as PCs, and for the reasons I explained in the post above. There is software that will edit hard drive, DVD and flash drive video -- but the video changes as it passes through USB or within the program (unless the program, like Sonic MyDVD, uses an MPEG workflow). These cams may be more convenient than tape, but they don't have the advantage of high quality digital workflow.

                      With HDV (hi-def) and AVCHD, it's a little less clear, since AVCHD uses a highly advanced codec. But, for standard DV, stick with miniDV. It's based on the same codec (compression system) professionals still for electronic news gathering and other non-hi-def video, and it's the best compromise of quality and file size available.
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                        HI -- I am using a Panasonic mini DV and capturing with firewire. I promise the footage turns out grainy bith during editing and after final output -- Can the actual quality of the firewire itsel have anything to do with it?
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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                          No, it cannot. As I said, when you are capturing miniDV over FireWire, you are getting digital data directly from the camcorder tape. The data does not change in any way.

                          With digital data, you either get the data or you don't. Even a poor quality cable can't degrade the quality of it.
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                            Thanks so much steve. I'll stick with the MiniDV. At some point I may upgrade to a High Def MiniDV. I just finished a promo video for my church about thirty minutes ago. I am going to burn in to a DVD and watch it. If the DVD is still grainy on my TV I'll have to buy your book and see if there still something I am doing wrong. Thanks for all the input and insight...I appreciate it.

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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                              And thanks for buying the book! ;)
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                                Steve, WOW! I burned the first DVD with this MiniDV Cam and you are right the picture quality on my TV is incredible. I'll just ignore the grainy picture while I am editing and wait for the burned copy. WOW. Thanks you've taken a huge load off now that I realize my investment in good software like PE is worth it. I'll probably still buy the book. I hope others see your advice on this forum and will just trust the software and burn the DVD. It looks great. THANKS!

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                                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                  Great news, Joe!