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    HELP with HD Capture & PPElements 7

      I'm trying to help a brand new Premiere Elements 7 user with a project but while I am quite familiar with PPro CS3, Elements is obviously a different critter altogether.

      She's a wedding photographer who wants to mix in some video with her stills to create a DVD. Basically she set up a Canon HD cam at one point and let it run throughout the ceremony. No start/stop/pause, so no scenes per se.

      Our of the whole 45 minutes captured, there's only a few minutes here and there she wants to use. Easy enough w/ PPro, but I'm at a loss to figure out the best workflow for Elements.

      I did find one statement here which confirms what I'd expect:

      >When you capture HDV footage, you will not be able to preview the incoming signal.

      Ok, but then is the only alternative to find the in and out points of clips she wants to capture then capture all manually??

      Any advice/input much appreciated.