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    Blank audio between audio tracks

    ken winston
      I am making a movie to include audio. I've imported audio without problem but want to keep a few sections of the video without any audio at all. I have not been able to do this.

      Is it possible to fill in sections with nothing, i.e. placeholders, between audio on the audio track and if so, how?


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          Paul_LS Level 4
          Not exactly sure what you are saying.
          You can import video, unlink the audio and video (right click on the clip and select) and then just delete some of the audio from the video clip.
          You can trim any audio only file you have added to the timeline. So if you have a video clip above it you can just trim the audio away where not wanted.
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            PeterFDuke Level 1
            You can also leave the audio there and just turn the volume down.
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              ken winston Level 1
              Thanks for your responses.

              I think the answer might be to unlink the audio and video although until I can get back to my computer (I'm on the road now), I won't know for sure.

              Once again, what I want to do is place have no audio during a portion of the video. When I add audio to the place where I want it to begin, the audio snaps back to the last sound track. Is the unlinking process the answer?

              Thanks again for your help.

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                N9JCR Level 2
                Ken, I believe what you are saying is you have independant video and audio clips (such as a slide show and some music) - so you are not importing matched audio and video. If that is the case, I don't think they are linked anyway.

                So, when you try to position the audio where you want it on the timeline (you are using timeline, correct?), you can't place it exactly where you want it - it slides to the "left" to where the last audio ended?

                If so, I can't reproduce that in Version 4. I've added audio in random places on Audio track 1, "narration" and "soundtrack" and they stay right where I drag them from the media list and drop them on the timeline. The gaps between audio clips don't hurt anything and create silence.

                Are you doing something different?

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                  I'm having a major problem with the narration and soundtrack files. I'm a computer teacher using Adobe Premiere 4. My students created a slideshow in Photoshop Elements 6.0 and imported it into Premiere. They also imported narration wav files that are part of the project (It's a digital story). While in timeline view, we drag the narration files onto the narration line to coincide with the video images. At random times, and for no particular reason, the program creates gaps between the images. When we try to drag the images back into place, more gaps appear.

                  We've tried many different ways of doing this, but these gaps just continue to appear. The program also creates gaps when we use the time stretch tool to change the amount of time each slide remains in view. In order to properly create a digital story, the timing of each slide is important.

                  Also, when we add a song to the soundtrack, this problem occurs as well, but only when there is a file in the narration track.

                  Can anyone help with this?
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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                    It's always better to start your own thread rather than tagging onto someone else, Pam. Otherwise we end up trying to carry on several conversations at the same time. Very confusing.