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    PE7 - capturing analog video (VHS/Analogue video camcorder)

      I'm a complete novice, so please excuse my ignorance on this subject.
      Re the subject heading - To quote from the Help System:
      1. To use video from analog sources in your Adobe Premiere Elements project, you must first convert (digitize) the footage to digital data, because Adobe Premiere Elements only accepts direct input from digital sources.
      2. Use an AV DV converter to bridge the connection between your analog source and the computer. Connect the analog source to the converter and connect the converter to your computer. Adobe Premiere Elements then captures the digitized footage.

      OK as far as it goes.

      In my case I intend to use the Canopus ADVC300 as the digital video converter. The connections to this from analog devices (VHS/Analogue camera) and to the PC (via Firewire) appear straightforward.

      In PE7 when starting a new project one has to choose from the following input sources - DV Camcorder; DVD (Camcorder or PCDVD Drive); Digital Still Camera; Webcam or WDM Device; HDV Camcorder; AVCHD or other hard disk/memory camcorder; Mobile phone & players; PC Files & Folders.

      As far as I can tell there appears to be no means of selecting digitally converted analogue video, which is where I came in.

      Perhaps the digitised analogue stream from the ADVC300 is saved to a file, in which case one would select 'PC Files & Folders'. Is this what is meant by 'Adobe Premiere Elements then captures the digitized footage'?

      I would appreciate any advice on this subject. Responses from experienced ADVC300 users would be especially welcome.