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    PE7 instability

    PeterFDuke Level 1
      Up until now I have been working on my project in PE7 as 11 sub-projects from 14 DV tapes. I have now combined the sub-projects into one project using Clipmate, taking care not to overload the media bin unnecessarily with unused clips. The project is about 74 mins long and has about 720 items (mainly video clips, with 14 still photos and 72 subtitles).

      Whilst trying to edit a sub-title, PE7 froze, so I had to use the Task Manager to kill it. I then loaded in the project once more, and out of curiosity, I scrolled the contents of the media bin rapidly by dragging the scroll bar, and PE7 crashed.

      At the time of the freeze, I noted the PC resources being used as indicated by the Task Manager, and again after freshly reloading the project. The significantly different parameters were as follows, with the first being after the freeze and the second after reloading:

      Handles: 10,205 8,870
      Commit Charge Total: 1,959,168 1,126,924
      Physical Memory Available: 304,180 1,219,852
      Physical Memory System Cache: 495,876 735,780

      I have 2GB of RAM.

      It would appear that there is still a memory leak problem and that for my projects, PE7 is still as liable to crash as ever, although if PE4 is truly worse than PE3 then maybe it's about the same as PE3, but that is rather difficult to say after just one example and without a precise objective test.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Could be.

          But is there a red line above the clips on your timeline and, if so, have you rendered your clips so that that line turns green?

          Other things that could affect performance:

          1) How much free, defragmented space is on your hard drive? Video editing requires 10, 30 sometimes 50 gigs of free space to write scratch files. If you haven't got it, things can choke up.

          2) Are you editing on your C drive or a second drive? Your C drive fragments much faster. If you're using a second drive and it's formatted FAT32 instead of NTFS, FAT32 drives have a file size limit which also chokes scratch disk writing.

          3) You say you're using DV files. If these are from a miniDV camcorder, the program will work fairly efficiently. If they're from another source (a DVD or hard drive camcorder), the program is continually trying to assimilate the files as DV-AVIs, and that can lug or crash the program. Hi-def video also requires lots of resources.

          4) Finally, are you using XP or Vista? Vista, out of the box, is terribly inefficient and requires optimizing, per the FAQs at the top of this forum. Otherwise, it too wastes a lot of resources and can cause crashes -- especially if you aren't manually ensuring you have the latest drivers, firmware and updates of essential programs like Quicktime.
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            PeterFDuke Level 1
            Thanks for the comments Steve, but my object was to compare the stability of PE7 with PE4, albeit very imprecisely, with most of the points you raise being comparable for the PE4 and PE7 cases. The memory leak problem still seems to be there.

            To answer your questions:

            1&2 My system and PE7 is on drive C which has 13GB free, while the data and temp files are on drive E (RAID 0) which has 266GB free. Both disks would benefit from defragmentation. Both formatted NTFS.

            3 MiniDV camcorder Standard Def.

            4. I have Win XP SP2. (I understand that SP3 is mainly security updates, and this PC is not connected to the network. It doesn't have antivirus installed either.) I haven't checked for a few months, but I think I have the latest drivers and Quicktime.

            I thought I would compare the stability before and after defragging, but PE7 won't crash now before defragging, so I can't do that meaningfully. I will defrag anyway. I see I have uninstalled Diskeeper Lite for some reason, but can't remember why now (along with many other things I can't remember :)). I think it use to bug me all the time to upgrade to the paid-for version (which I suppose I should do).
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              I look forward to hearing your continued results, Peter. :)
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                ruzun Level 1
                I do a lot of editing in PE, started with 3, then onto 4 now I'm using 7. While 7 is a big stability improvement over 4, it still has massive memory leak issues. The big difference for me is that instead of just hanging or crashing, it always tells me it's running low on resources and to save everything. At that point I now save and reload. Reloading and min/maxing the PE7 window is no longer near as much torture as it was in PE4 either, or PE3 for that matter.

                So much of the same problems I had with PE4 are present in PE7, but the program is much more graceful and rarely just crashes anymore. If you have a large HDV project with many clips, esp once you start adding effects to many clips, it runs out of memory fast. Now it will warn you long before a crash, however, and this allows you to reload and go from there, to at least finish a project with less frustration.

                I have a 4GB Windows Vista 32 bit system with 7200 RPM raid drives, an NVIDIA GTX 260 video card, all the suggested system tweaks have been made including all those posted on these forums, and I have a quad core Intel Core2 processor. So it's not the system that is low on resources, its some sort of leaky or wasteful memory management present in PE7 with large projects.

                An example of the latest video short I did with PE7 can be seen here -

                -Roger Uzun
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                  paulgoelz Level 1
                  Roger, have you tried giving another program the focus when PE7 reports it is low on resources? I have found that often forces it to give up much of the memory it was "hogging". I discovered this on PE3 and it continues to work on PE7. I have also found that sometimes it gives it up by itself if you stop everything when it issues the warning and simply wait. In my case, it warns about low resources when Task Manager reports about 1.6 to 1.8GB in use.

                  In any event, I have taken to leaving Task Manager open so I can monitor the memory in use. Not a very elegant way to work, but.....

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                    Ozpeter Level 1
                    > In any event, I have taken to leaving Task Manager open so I can monitor the memory in use. Not a very elegant way to work, but.....

                    Try "Bmem" from http://badmofo.org/bmem/ - it's usually the first thing I install on any PC I have!
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                      Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                      I can tell when PRE 7 is getting low on resources when I hover my mouse over a thumbnail in the organizer and there is no pop-up telling me the name of the clip. At that point I restart PRE 7.