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    PE7 - Title text animation

      When creating a title, you can choose to apply one of several text animations, e.g. fade, pan and zoom, etc. You simply select the text you want to animate, then choose an animation from the edit panel and click apply. My question is, when you later come back to edit that title, how can you tell which animation is applied? The animation does not seem to highlight. Similarly, the text style does not highlight, although you can tell which font and point and other characteristics are applied to selected text by looking at the text options.

      The "Fade out by line" animation seems to be similar to just clicking the "Fade out" button in the opacity properties of the title (if all there is in the title is text), but no key frames are created, or at least they are not visible anywhere that I can find. There does not seem to be any way to edit the properties of one of these "canned" animations. Is this right, or am I missing something?

      Thanks for any help or further explanation.