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    Errors when workingwith video stored on server

      I am working in a computer lab environment where I have 6-7 computers running APE2. The computers are Windows XP SP2, 2GB RAM, 3.2 GHz Dual Core, 512 Nvida chips. They are pulling and saving on a LAN and the server is a Linux server.

      The class is running into errors when loading, saving, editing and rendering video. The storage is on the server for two reasons, we do not want remote access and the computer have Deep Freeze running in the background.

      Would the error messages stop if:
      Was not using a Linux server?
      Rendering farm was created to move data?
      A local disk was used?

      The biggest problem is holding up the class through lack of editing time. It is a huge inconvenience yet I can not rip anything apart without a secure direction.