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    Bruce Chastain
      I'm wondering what is the best approach. I'm creating a DVD project that has 2 menu picks, Play Videos (a series of videos) and Play Slideshow (a stack of photos).

      When you create a series of videos followed by a slideshow, do you leave a gap between them just to make editing and menu mark positioning easier? If I leave a gap, when I create a DVD, will that gap result in black video being recorded to the DVD?

      Also, it would seem to be advisable to save the creation of the menu for the absolute last step because the menu markers do not move with the timeline elements when videos/photos are being edited. I always end up having to manually redo all the menu markers whenever I make a change to the videos or slideshow. Is this correct? Is there a way to avoid that?

      Also, would you create the video on one track and the slideshow on a different track? Is there any advantage to doing that over putting them both on the same track?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Are you asking how to make the DVD return to the main menu after either the video or the slideshow, as if they were two separate movies?
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            Bruce Chastain Level 1
            Yes, there will be a main menu picks for both the videos and slide show. Each will return to the main menu after playing. I already know how to use the menu markers on the timeline to make that happen.

            I'm asking if you were creating this, would you put the videos and slideshow on a single track or 2 tracks? Would you leave a gap between the videos and slideshow to make menu marking and editing easier? Is there any downside to leaving a gap since the menu markers will make the gap impossible to get to?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              It all makes no difference, in terms of quality or efficiency.

              For simplicity's sake, I always put them on the same track, one right after another.

              I believe you might just need a few frames of space between the stop marker for the first sequence and the main menu marker for the second though.
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                Bruce Chastain Level 1
                Ok, thanks much Steve.