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    Pictures upside down?

    Bruce Chastain Level 1
      PRE 7.

      Ok, this scared me when I first saw it, but it might be harmless, though I have no idea what's going on.

      I took 200 pictures of the Grand Canyon using a single camera. Some were lightly edited with PSE 7.

      I did a Get Media to add the 200 pictures to my project.

      If I press the Organize button, I see the list of large picture thumbnails. Several of the pictures are shown upside down.

      I have displayed the upside down pictures with 4 other jpg display programs, and they are all right side up without exception.

      If I double click on the upside down pictures in Organize, the popup window shows them right side up.

      What's even weirder, is if I press the Edit button, I get a list of the files in my project with smaller thumbnails, and in this list, all the thumbnails are right side up. None are upside down.

      And when added to a slideshow and played, all are right side up again.

      Only the Organize button shows several of the pictures upside down.

      Anyone seen this before? I'm not sure if I should worry or not. Is it probably just an Organizer bug?