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    Widescreen-to-Standard Format Rendering Problem?

      I am creating a video project in PE3 using clips and pics from various sources. I have resized all of the pix using the bulk loader in Photoshop and converted all the avi and mov clips to DV-AVI using Windows Movie Maker. However, I am also using some vob files from a Sony DVD205 Handycam which were shot in standard-def widescreen (my project is in 4:3 format). When I cut what I need from the vob files into the project and then render the entire project and burn a DVD, the clips that came from the vob files are jerky as if the interlacing (?) is not working properly; all of the other clips and pix are fine.

      When I go back and run the project in the monitor view the cut vob files appear OK.

      I tried saving the cut vob files as separate avi files and I get the same jerky-motion problem in each of the avi files.

      I am at a loss as to what is going on with these widescreen vob files since they appear fine in the monitor view. Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome. Thank you very much in advance.