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    Premiere Elements 7 Content not included in trial download

      Hi all. The trial download link only seems to include 2 files, the installer around 2MB and the application around 650MB. After installing the trial and starting the application I get a warning informing me that the application has no content. I've seen some other posts suggesting that there should in fact be 4 files to download, one being a 2.3GB content file.

      This is now not inlcuded?

      The registration for purchasing the product does not include downloading anything further that is not included in the trial downloads.

      I've raised two support calls but Adobe support seem to be less than helpful simply saying they don't support the trial software. Clearly not fussed about having a new customer, which I'm likely to be if I can try the trial.

      Let me know if there are alternatives to getting the content.

      I dont want to buy the product, and still find myselff with no content.

      thanks in advance.