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    Slow response from PE3

      Sorry to be posting a question about this older version but I have just discovered the lack of Adobe support for PE3 and as a low volume user, I am not particularly keen to upgrade to PE7 if it won't recognize PE3 project files, and PE3 does all I want for now anyway. I am in the middle of editing this project by adding narration and background music, and finding very slow response to virtually everything I want to do. When trying to add narrative, it takes several minutes before it will start to record, then several more to save it. If I want to change any audio effects, same thing. Won't even open a function without a long delay, let alone save it. This problem only started as I've tried to add the audio. Up to now, editing the video clips has worked fine with only minimal delays.

      The file is 9MB, which I wouldn't have thought to be a problem, and it's a reasonably new system, with 2GHz dual core AMD processor, 500GB of hard drive & 2GB of memory. Not sure what other info I should provide that might help. Has anyone else had this problem and or know what I should try to fix? very appreciative of any suggestions. TIA
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Is yours a Vista machine? If so, you may want to optimize it for video editing.

          And, of course, ensure that you've got the 3.02 patch.

          The other thing that will greatly affect the program's performance is what you're using for source video.

          The program works best with DV-AVIs files captured over FireWire from a miniDV camcorder. Other files (such as video from hard drive or DVD camcorders) pose a variety of challenges that can impact performance.

          Another key issues is photographs. If you're using them as source files, you can easily choke the program if you're not optimizing them to no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size before you bring them into your project.

          If you can offer more details, we can give you more specific advice.
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            Thanks for the quick reply Steve. I'm running XP SP3, have installed the 3.02 patch, The video files were taken over firewire directly from a Canon HV20 and response has been fine with the video edits I've done so far. No photographs involved, just the video captures. Problem didn't arise until I started the audio edits, specifically narration. Haven't tried adding background music yet. I did have a feedback issue which is now fixed but the response is just too slow to be usable.

            The project consists of captures from the HV20, total of about 1hr., 2 types of transitions between major scenes, about 6 titles. No special effects or changes from the original captures. Have adjusted the transitions to make them as smooth as possible.

            What other details can I give you that might help?
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              One more thing Steve, The video captures are all widescreen HD if that helps.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                I'm not sure. An hour of HDV is a lot of video (remember that HDV has four times the video information of standard DV) -- but your rig should be able to handle it, assuming you're using an HDV preset and that your computer is well maintained, defragmented and free of tmp files.

                Other than that, though, I unfortunately don't have any advice. Sorry.
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                  Steve, my 500Gb is made up of 2 x 250GB, the "D" drive being dedicated to my project files as the scratch disk. Is this the correct way to have it set up? Might the HD video require increasing some parameter to handle it better?

                  Also, do you think it might help to break up the hour into say 4 x 15 min projects and then burn them onto a single DVD as chapters?

                  I just don't understand why it was all working OK until I started the narration.
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                    N9JCR Level 2
                    Steve, wasn't there a problem in Version 3 where using track one caused some performance issues?

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                      Good point, Bob. Do you remember what the workaround was, just in case?

                      Breaking the project into smaller pieces would certainly help, Norm, especially if you have a lot of effects in your project. But I'm still not sure why narration is leading to problems either.

                      BTW, you have your second drive set up correctly, right? It's formatted NTFS rather than FAT32 and it's set up in the BIOS and not just the operating system. (To set it up in the BIOS, you need to press ESC or F1 when the blue logo screen comes up, before Windows starts booting up.) Not having it set up in your BIOS can cause serious performance problems.
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                        N9JCR Level 2
                        The track one problem was simply don't put anything on track one. Start with track two (or above) and leave track one empty. It may have only been a problem under specific circumstances but it can't hurt.

                        I do not remember if once you used track one at all your project was damaged or if you could simply move everything to another track or just add a new empty track one.

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                          I'll check the BIOS setup for the second drive when I get home in about 3 hrs Steve. It was installed about 12 months ago and I can't recall that detail but it sounds like a possibility along with this track 1 issue.
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                            Hi Steve, The 2nd drive was correctly set up in the BIOS and it's formatted as NTFS so that's not the problem. Should I try deleting track 1 and go to track 2 for the next attempt?
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                              First of all you need to go to the Adobe web site and download the 3.0.2 patch.

                              The 3.0.2 patch not only adds Visat support, but also fixes many bugs.

                              One bug not fixed is the performance problem with Video Track 1.

                              Do not delete track 1. Lasso everything and move it up 1 track.

                              What I have found in PE3 is just never use track 1. Always leave it blank or you will run into performance problems.

                              This has been fixed in subsequesnt releases.
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                                Thanks for the inputs John and Bob. I'm not quite clear on exactly what is track 1. I assume we are talking about the narration track? Is that correct? I have already installed the 3.0.2 patch but your note referred to VIDEO track 1 so I'm a little confused. I've only recorded one small narration file so far until I get this issue fixed, so its no problem to delete and re record it. However, when recording narration there's no option but to record on the narration track which is what I'm interpreting as track 1. How can I record narration any where but on that track? I realize there are 99 other tracks but I've not tried recording narration on any of them.
                                Cheers and thanks for all your help guys.
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                                  VideoJohnny Level 1
                                  Not the narration track. The narration track can be used without issue. I am referring to Video track 1. Do not use it.
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                                    Sorry for seeming a bit dim on this, but isn't that the default video track and how can using it be avoided? That's where all the video is presently so do I need to, or can I move it, without losing the whole project?
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                                      VideoJohnny Level 1
                                      When you drag your clips to the timeline, drag to video track 2 and above. You need to avoud video track 1.
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                                        Ok thanks John I'll give that a try over the weekend. Cheers
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                                          Hi John,

                                          I see I have to use the timeline view to see the video track numbering. I can't find any way of moving the video clips from track 1 to track 2 though. Would you mind explaining how I "lasso" everything and move it up to track 2 please. There's many hours of work to do it any other way so thought I'd ask now rather than find I'd done it the hard way later. Many thanks in advance for your help. Are you located in the US or Australia? Cheers
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                                            VideoJohnny Level 1
                                            The Lasso is a standard windows concept. Press the mouse button and wrap it around all your clips.
                                            An alternale method is to just use "select all" from the edit menu. Then drag all up one track.

                                            And yes, this can only be done in timeline mode.
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                                              Sorry it's taken me so long to get back on progress with this issue but I've had a few others to deal with at the same time. I'm happy to report I've now had a chance to try adding some narration to the project and it now works fine with almost instant response to the various actions. Many thanks to JohnyO for the ultimate solution. Hope I have the opportunity to return the favor one day.