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    PE3 Text Styles missing

      I am using PE3 on Windows XP. I want to do some titles on a project but the "Styles" box is empty. That is, in the Properties section the T Styles box is completely blank. According to the info I have "Thumbnails of the styles appear in the Text Styles section in the Tasks panel when the Monitor panel is in title-editing mode." Since I have a title in the monitor panel (currently just saying "Add Text") I would presume that the preset styles should appear.

      Just as an experiment I tried saving a style (just a basic font) and it now appears in the styles box all by itself - nothing else is in the box. I am hoping someone can help me sort this out since I have a project I need to complete asap

      Thanks, David

      PS I have used this feature previously without any problems but I think I was using an earlier version of PE then.