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    PE4 remove unwanted back round music help

      I was filming my grand kids at the motorcycle track and about 15 feet away was a pa system blaring music. Is there a way to remove the music and still keep the motorcycle sounds? If not I can delete all audio and add a narration and better music. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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          Ozpeter Level 1
          The chances of doing this with any degree of success are close to zero in my view. The frequencies of the music and bike sounds are probably overlapping to a considerable degree, and both vary, so you couldn't use noise reduction software (which really only works well with constant noise levels).
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Ozpeter points out the various frequencies of the Audio sources are now "married," and there is likely no combo of filtering to remove one, without removing the other. This is why there are sound crews on the production set of movie, or commercial. The only place to properly address this is in production, not post.

            Now, you might have some luck accomplishing similar using sound effects (SFX). I have many hundreds of "motorcycle" sounds from various sources. Some get very specific as to the displacement of the engine and make of the cycle. Your first task would be to locate a set of SFX tracks, that are similar to what you would have liked to record and then lay these down in your Audio Track, in lieu of the actual sounds that your camera recorded. Unfortunately, many SFX collections contain hundreds of other SFX files, that you may never need, and some are not the least bit inexpensive. You might also find simiar enough Audio in some of the "free sound libraries," or find some that will work from sources that allow you to buy just the sounds that you need. I'll list some on-line sources below, but you may have better luck with some of the "collections," and just buy the set.

            If you can find similar (or even make some with additional filming/recording in a more neutral environment, you work will be just beginning. You'll probably want to adjust the volume to simulate the bike starting farther away from the camera and coming closer, before going away again. Also, you'll get better results by dynamically panning the sound from full left to right (or right to left).

            Depending on the ambience in your SFX material, you might also want to lay down an ambience track. Every place has a sound. If your motorcycle segment is filmed in, say the desert, you might get a desert ambience track and add it. Keep the volume down, so that it is barely audible.

            It will all come together even more, if you add appropriate background music (of YOUR choice) to accompany the visuals and SFX.

            This sounds like a lot of work, and it is, however it's also fun to create the audible illusion that this IS the Audio that was present, when you filmed. Once complete, most viewers will probably never know what you've done. Also, what I have described above can be done with the Audio Mixer in PE. If you do not have an Audio processing program, like Audition, you might want to look into the freeware, Audacity to manipulste your Audio Clips a bit, before bringing into PE. One little tip: much of what you find in collections and on the Web will likely be MP3, and not WAV. PE will work with a lot of MP3's, but for anything longer than a few seconds, I always convert to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit, prior to Import. This guarantees 100% compatibility with PE (and most NLE's).

            Now, for some resources:

            Google will help you find many others. Also, Microsoft has a lot of SFX and also art and photographs on their MS Office site. I did not have a bookmark handy. It is easier to "harvest" from their site, if you first download and install their free image/sound viewer. If you have a recent full version of Office, you may already have this little application, and may also already have the site bookmarked from within Office. There is a wealth of useful material on that site, and not just SFX.

            Good luck,

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              Level 1
              Thank you very much Bill for advice and help, much appreciated!
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                PeterFDuke Level 1
                Chances are that the motor bike noise is more constant than the music, in which case you would have more luck, (but that that much, unfortunately) in using noise reduction software to remove the bike noise. Some noise reduction software has an option to keep the noise (the bikes in this case), otherwise you would have to subtract the cleaned up music from the original to get the bikes. Don't expect wonders. What you are trying to do is rather difficult, as others have pointed out.