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    Burning DVD

      Ok I followed the guidlines for creating a DVD to a folder since Premiere won't talk to my DVD player. Now I'm at a loss as to how to get the video onto the DVD. I don't even know what files would be included or anything.

      Can someone help me?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          This is from the FAQs at the top of this forum.
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            clmisener Level 1
            Thank you so much for everything. I finally have it all working!
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              :) !
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                I have been using Premier Elements 2.0 for a while now and have had no issues however, recently when I go to burn a DVD once I have completed a project it goes through the normal process but when it gets to the end of the burning an error message comes up saying,
                Device Error- sense code (30c 00)- write error- write
                Can anyone help? This means the DVD does not complete the burning and therefore when I put it in the DVD player there is nothing on the disk? I am at a loss as I have had the burner checked and this does not seem to be the issue and the man who checked it said it sounds like a software issue.
                Anyone else had this happen?

                Thanks Kate
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                  PeterFDuke Level 1
                  Try "burning to a folder" and then use your burner software (eg Nero) to burn the disc. Use a DVD-RW or DVD+RW blank while you are experimenting to prevent wasting DVD-R or DVD+R blanks.

                  If the indirect method fails, are you able to burn a DVD data disc OK?
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Sensecode errors are almost always a problem with the burner, or the media in it.

                    If you have Nero, Roxio or any other burning app., even the ones that now come bundled with many versions of Windows, you probably have that app's "packet-writing" utility. It will have a name like "InCD," "DLA," etc. and allows one to drag-and-drop files to a CD/DVD. These take control of your burner, and PE needs 100% control.

                    Peter's method is a good workaround, but I'd look into removing the packet-writing module from the other program. This might require a complete uninstall/custom-reinstall of, say Nero, making sure that its packet-writing module is NOT installed. One could also use MSCONFIG from the Start>Run dialog box to set that module to not load in Processes, or Startup.

                    If you do not have any other burning app., then it could well be your media in your burner. I stick to Taiyo Yuden, or Verbatim for all of my DVD burning and have never had a problem.

                    Good luck,

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                      John P. Munsinger
                      Pardon my density, but I burned to a folder but when I tried to create a DVD with Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 and directed it to the VIDEO_TS folder it did not offer me a file to burn. What should I be looking for in the folder? Do I born the entire folder? Am I using the wrong burning program? Please help.
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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                        It sounds like you're trying to create a DVD from the VIDEO-TS folder, John.

                        You do not want to use Roxio's DVD authoring features. You just want to burn the DVD folder (and the files inside it) as is to a disc.
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                          John P. Munsinger Level 1
                          Maybe the problem is with roxio. When it opens, I select "Burn DVD" and then it asks for an "image". When I choose the VIDEO_TS folder, there are no files with the predetermined extensions that roxio is looking for and it won't let me choose just the folder. Perhaps I should try a different burning program.
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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                            Well, you can if you want. Here's one:

                            But most likely there's an easy way to do with Roxio. It's just not in an obvious place unfortunately...
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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Rather than point Roxio to the Video_TS folder, point it to the folder in which the Video_TS sub-folder resides.

                              BTW, I am a big fan of ImgBurn.

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                                Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                                Video_TS is not an image. Premiere Elements does not burn image files, just the folder and contents.

                                I did find something that will allow you to burn to an image file (.ISO) from Premiere Elements, called Phantom Drive from H & H for $19.95. I use it to burn virtual Blu-ray discs just to see what that would be like. I don't have an actual Blu-ray burner.

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                                  John P. Munsinger Level 1
                                  Thanks to Steve, Bill, and Robert for your patient help. I have downloaded ImgBurn and find it very easy to use; its interface is very intuitive. I have a few other questions if I can test your patience further. There are two folders in the folder in which VIDEO_TS is placed. The other is called OpenDVD. Do I do anything with this? Second question: ImgBurn asks if I want to add a folder called AUDIO_TS. Where is this folder located and should I add it to the burn?
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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                    Some DVD authoring programs use this second folder for additional features.

                                    Premiere Elements does not. So you can ignore it.
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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      In general usage, the Video_TS folder is the only one needed. The Audio_TS is for AudioDVDs. However, some older set-top players still look for that empty folder. Most newer authoring programs do not create it, though some do. If you start finding that you, or your clients, have a problem playing the DVDs, then you can always create an empty Audio_TS folder and place it within the main folder. Make sure to use the exact naming and capitalization conventions, should you need to do this.

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                                        John P. Munsinger Level 1
                                        Thanks to all of your for your help.