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    Auto-save didn't!!

      After nearly 4 hours of editing in PE7, I got the Windows XP error message telling me that the program had encountered a problem and needed to shut down. Just before that, I had clicked on the button to make a DVD. My first reaction was that I wouldn't have lost much because auto-save was enabled, with saves every 20 minutes. However, virtually no edits had been saved. Looking at the PREL files in the autosave folder, I saw that there had been three saves from three hours previous, before I had done much work. For some reason PE7 had stopped autosaving. In preferences, auto-save is still enabled. I have both versions 3 and 7 installed on my PC, and this project was originally started in 3, so many files are saved in the version 3 folders including the PREL files, if that matters.
      Any ideas what went wrong? I know that auto-save used to work reliably. Searching the forum and knowledgebase turns up nothing about this problem.

      (my computer is a PC with an Intel 6700 Duo Core Pentium CPU and 2G of RAM running Windows XP Pro SP3)

      Additional: I now see in the help file something I didn't notice before. It states "Note: Each time you open a project, you must save it at least once before the Auto Save option takes effect." I don't recall having manually saved it even once, yet it did auto-save three times, as mentioned above.
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          PeterFDuke Level 1
          I also feel that the autosave is a bit eratic. You just have to get into the habit of manual saving from time to time and not rely on the autosave. For me, scrolling the contents of the media bin when it contains many hundred items, or using the text editor are the most likely times I will get a crash, so I try to remember to save before doing either. I don't use PE to make DVD's.
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            I've never seen a problem with auto-saves. They interrupt my work regularly, every 10-20 minutes.
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              PeterFDuke Level 1
              But you never (seldom?) get crashes. It is only after a crash that you notice that your work hasn't been saved. The saves shouldn't be 10-20 mins, they should be exactly what you set the save time to.

              Perhaps the crash stops data from being flushed from some cache somewhere.
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                Level 1
                Thanks guys. I may set a timer to remind me to do my own saves next time. The autosave periods were the default 20 minutes, and I still don't understand why there were 3 saves early on, during a time when I was away from the computer. Only after I resumed working did that function stop. One more thing: the help file says that when restarting after a crash I should have seen a message asking if I wanted to resume from the last saved configuration, or something like that. There was no such message. Also, I see that the autosave PREL files are contained in the Autosave folder, but there is also a PREL, apparently the newest one, in the file path one level higher where all of the data files are contained.

                This is a little bit away from the original question, but can I now delete version 3 since I'm (generally) satisfied with V7. I don't want to jeopardize the current project, which still has some more editing to be done, especially after losing the aforementioned edits.

                One more thing: would increasing RAM from the current 2 gigs help prevent a crash like the one the occurred.
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  There's no harm in removing version 3 if you're happy (and done) with 7, Frederick. It's always nice to reclaim hard drive space!
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                    PeterFDuke Level 1
                    A few times I have got the helpful offer to try and recover after a crash, but most times I don't.

                    There were a few issues with removing 3 after installing 4 (or was it 2 after installing 3?). Anyway, be prepared to have to reinstall 7 again on top of itself if something breaks. It shouldn't hurt any projects or affect your preferences.

                    More than 2GB RAM with Vista may be helpful, but not with XP.
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                      VideoJohnny Level 1
                      Just to add to the auto-save problem. I too have noticed falkiness in PE4. I am in the habit of hitting the save button often. I am also in the hacit of saving a copy often. I had an issue early in my PE4 experience that the the project I saved did not contain all my edits, and the auto-saved files were very old. I am paranoid now and make sure I save often and also save acopy often.
                      Of course since I save so often I have not had an issue with loosing edits.
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                        PeterFDuke Level 1
                        I have been lax and forgot to do my manual saves. PE just crashed, about 1 hour since my last save. I have PE set to automatically save every 10 minutes, but the last autosave was about 1 hour 20 mins. ago. If you forget to manually save you will be forceably reminded :(. (I tried to edit a subtitle when it crashed.)
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                          Level 1
                          Fredrick Parks, you are my personal hero!

                          After a few episodes of this auto-save not doing it's job, and re-setting the auto-save preferences, and restarting about an hour or so of editing, it crashed again, and when I opened the project from it's normal location, nothing had been saved....AGAIN!!! So I looked here and noticed your post about the Auto-Save folder. Never would have thought there would be one, but thanks to you I found it and can resume my editing from almost the exact spot it crashed at.

                          Thanks a million.

                          Anyone else looking for lost data, here is the location of the Auto-Save Folder:

                          \My Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements\7.0\Adobe Premiere Elements Auto-Save

                          It could save your life!!!!
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