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    Select your sound device from menu--21 choices, which one?

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      I want to narrate a video. When I tested my microphone with Windows, it recognized my USB Plug n Play digital microphone as the sound recording device. I expected to see that listed when I clicked on the Mic Source in PE4; instead it listed: Analog Mix L/Analog Mix R, Mix L/Mix R; Mix R/Mix FL; and many other cryptic choices. I have no idea which one to select--can someone tell me which one? Do you need to know all 21 choices? My digital USB mic is plugged into a USB 2 port on my computer, and it does move the meter. That's all I know.

      Also, under Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware > Default Device = ? Which one of these should I choose: (1) My Sound Blaster Audigy card (2) Creative ASIO or (3) Premiere Elements Windows Sound. There is also a ASIO Settings button which has a choice of 2 to 500 ms for the ASIO Buffer Latency for #1 and #2, but for #3, it brings up a window titled "DirectSound Full Duplex Setup" which lists my SB Audigy card as the DirectSound Output Port and lists it again along with USB PnP Audio Device under DirectSound Input Ports. I can choose either one or both; what do I choose here? What do I choose for Sync Reference--DirectSound Input or Output? and lastly under Card Options, it has Full Duplex checkmarked, but do I need to check Start Input First? What does that do?

      I don't know what I'd do without this forum--I can't find these answers on my own. Thank you so much for your help.