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    Moving high resolution images from PSE6 to Premiere Elements 4

      I am trying to take a pdf map (happens to be of the San Diego Zoo) and insert it into a Premiere Elements 4 (PE4) project to show where we went in the Zoo and then show our family pictures/video in that area

      So I bring the pdf map file into PSE6 and convert it to a jpeg and/or psd file so I can import it into PE4 (which cannot import a pdf). It works fine, but if I don't increase the image size in PSE6 the image becomes super blurry in PE4 when I change the scale (zoom in).

      However, when I do increase the image size in PSE6 and save as either a jpeg or psd so it will be clear at 250% scale in PE4, I get this error message when I try to import it to PE4: "File video dimensions (width/height) too large."

      This happens even when I leave the dimensions (8.5 X 8.176 inches) the same and just change the ppi for the higher resolution I need. It starts out as a 300 ppi image and I get the error message even if I only change it to as high as 500 ppi. (And if I go much lower than that, it's not going to help the resolution enough to be worth it in PE4).

      (btw, the original pdf file is perfectly clear in PSE6 at 1000+% and the converted jpeg/psd are clear enough in PSE6 at 250%)

      So, my question is:

      How do I improve the picture quality in PSE6 so that it's not blurry when I export to PE4 and increase the scale, but maintain the right size that PE4 will accept?

      This might be somewhat of a PSE6 question, but hopefully somebody knows the answer and can help me out! Thanks!